UK: Blair will be gone as PM on June 27

Blair and the Iraq war, cartoon

From British daily The Guardian:

Blair to stand down on June 27

· PM: I did what I thought was right

Yeah, right. Far right.

· ‘May have been wrong’ on Iraq


What it pity that it took so many hundreds of thousands of dead Iraqi civilians, and thousands of dead US, British, and other soldiers, before that crossed your mind, Tony.

Good riddance.

Blair’s resignation announcement: here.

From the Stop the War Coalition:

Thursday 10 May Downing Street

3.30 to 5.00 pm: Symbolic protest when Tony Blair resigns
(Please note time change)

Tony Blair is resigning early and in disgrace due to his support for the Bush wars.

He will announce his resignation on Thursday 10 May.

We are asking for as many people as possible to come to Downing Street from 3.30 to 5.00 pm for a symbolic protest in memory of the thousands who have died as a result of his war policies.

Please bring old shoes to lay at Downing Street. Local Stop the War groups are asked to bring their banners.

2 thoughts on “UK: Blair will be gone as PM on June 27

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