British humourists say buh bye to Tony Blair

Bush and Blair, cartoon

From The Independent in Britain:

A figure of ridicule: Oh, how we will miss him

Tony Blair has been the easiest of targets for the satirists.

Here, some of the leading lampooners explain what he meant to them.

Interviews by Andy Dykes, Lisa Williams and Yolanda Bobeldijk

Published: 10 May 2007

Dave Brown, Cartoonist, The Independent

I won’t be sad to see the back of Blair.

I detest the man and what he’s done.

But he’s great to draw. You put all that bile, hatred and angst into drawing.

Blair’s legacy is Iraq.

It could have almost been Northern Ireland but Iraq just overshadows everything. …

I’m not looking forward to drawing more of Gordon Brown.

I’ve been drawing him as long as I’ve been drawing Tony.

John Morrison, Author of Anthony Blair: Captain of School, a comic novel

I think the war in Iraq can be his only legacy.

This man has thousands of deaths on his conscience, in my view, and he can’t get round that.

Alison Jackson, Film-maker

I’m making a film about Blair so I’m a bit surrounded at the moment.

In some senses Blair was right for now because he was a perfect master of TV and we live in a TV world.

He does that very well. It doesn’t matter what he’s saying; he knows how to get a captive audience.

He has directed and destroyed politics. We’ve always wondered if politicians were telling the truth and now there’s no doubt that often they aren’t.

There is no glory in Tony Blair’s decade.

There he is trying to go down in the history books and hoping people will forget how disappointing he was.

But even in leaving he’s managed to make a mess.

He was always there for famous moments: Diana moments, Queen Mother moments, war.

But there’s this trail of horror that’s left behind him.

The film I’m making, Tony Blair, Rock Star, was based on research we did into his gap year.

When he did play his first rock concert, the drums fell apart and everything went wrong and everyone booed and walked out.

Then when he managed a band he hired the Albert Hall but no one had ever heard of them so nobody came. He had all these fabulous ideas that came to nothing.

I suspect maybe in a couple of years he’ll go into business, or after-dinner speaking.

For now he’s going to enjoy the pinnacle of his after-stardom. But his legacy will be Iraq and lies. …

Alistair Beaton, Writer of stage plays Feelgood and Follow My Leader, and television programmes A Very Social Secretary and The Trial of Tony Blair

He will be remembered for the disaster that is Iraq. It was a hopeless mission and its effects will go on a long time.

Matt Buck, Cartoonist

I will always remember Tony Blair’s face when he got off an aeroplane somewhere in the Far East, there were lots of cameras and it was just after the news that David Kelly was found dead.

He looked utterly in shock and guilty.

At the time, I didn’t use that image for my drawing. I drew the white tent on the hill where David Kelly was found. I thought that was a better drawing.

I may have been wrong.

From This is London:

Tony Blair has courted stars from Mick Jagger and Bono to Peter Andre.

But there is one beyond his reach.

Singer Kylie Minogue declined an invitation to meet the Prime Minister because, it is claimed, of her opposition to the war in Iraq.

Comment by Tony Greenstein: here.

Lenin’s tomb blog: here.

WSWS: here.

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