Rare fish exhibited in Dutch museum

This is a wreckfish video.

Translated from Dutch news agency Novum:

The Natuur Historisch Museum Rotterdam will exhibit a wreckfish, caught in the North Sea, and a dealfish, starting this Wednesday.


Fishermen from Urk caught the rare fishes in early 2006.

Those fish have never been seen before in Dutch waters, according to the museum.

The special catch will go back to storage on Monday 16 April.

The museum has meanwhile investigated the fishes thoroughly.

The wreckfish was three years old when caught.

It is 53 centimeter long and has spiky fins. …

The dealfish is ribbon shaped and 148 centimeter long.

Usually, this fish lives in open sea in water 300 to 700 meter deep.

On the English side of the North Sea, crested bandfishes have been caught five times so far.

Winter flounder in North America: here.

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