Ocean sunfishes beached in the Netherlands

This video says about itself:


3 June 2013

Ocean sunfish. The ocean sunfish, also known as Mola mola, is the world’s largest bony fish. This strange creature is like no other. Come along and watch as a sunfish glides through the ocean waters.

Translated from Ecomare museum on Texel island in the Netherlands:


It looks as though it is going to be an ocean sunfish winter. Since the beginning of this year three of them have washed ashore on the Dutch beaches. The sunfish is certainly one of the strangest fish swimming sometimes in the North Sea. At beach post #23 on Texel last Wednesday a 60 centimeter long individual stranded. The day before, there was a 75 cm long one at Neeltje Jans in Zeeland, and on January 2, there was one near Castricum.

These were young animals; adult sunfish can be 4 meter in size.

See also here.

North Sea animals beached on Dutch Coast after 25 July 2015 storm: here.

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