Dinosaur bone discovered in North Sea

This video says about itself:

Iguanodon: History of a Dinosaur

4 December 2014

Iguanodon was discovered before the word “dinosaur” was invented and the story of Iguanodon research is the story of dinosaur research as paleontologists use new fossils to test old ideas about what the animal looked like and how it moved. Was it a lumbering quadruped? A springy kangaroo reptile? A little of both? Join us as we dive into the history of paleontology and the history of Iguanodon, the enthusiastic animal who is always ready to give you two thumbs up!

Translated from Ecomare museum in the Netherlands:

Dinosaur bone from the North Sea – 13/04/01

A piece of an iguanodon‘s tibia, 22 centimeter long, has been recovered at the Klaverbank sand bank in the North Sea. The Urk fisherman Albert Hoekman brought the fossilized bone to the Prehistoric Times Museum in Boxtel, where dinosaur bones expert Eric Mulder found out which species it was. Iguanodon bones had already been found before in the North Sea, but not in this place. Usually they are found near the English and Belgian coast. This is the largest ever dinosaur bone found in the North Sea.

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