UK: Blair government treats doctors pleading for Iraqi children as organized criminals

From London daily News Line:

Tuesday, 6 February 2007

Oxygen masks needed for Iraqi children

A DEMONSTRATOR highlighting the plight of dying Iraqi children was read a section of the Serious Organised Crime and Police Act by a police officer yesterday, outside the gates of Downing Street.

The law introduced by the Blair government bans demonstrations near parliament not agreed by the police.

Peace campaigner and architect Nicholas Wood told News Line the reason for his protest.

He said: ‘Over 100 doctors sent a letter to the prime minister about the state of Iraqi babies dying in hospitals simply for the want of an oxygen mask or a cannula.

They cost 95p, but this country is not prepared to send them to Iraq.

‘So dead babies are being put in cardboard boxes. We have a DVD which shows this happening. It will make you weep.’

He added: ‘We are also asking for a meeting with the minister, Hilary Benn, to ask for this medical equipment to be sent to Iraq, if necessary by aeroplane with parachute drops.

‘The British government which invaded Iraq is saying it is too violent there and it’s not their responsibility, it’s the responsibility of the “democratically-elected Iraqi government’’ to support the medical needs of the population.

‘But we’ve been there since 2003 and under the Geneva Convention we are supposed to look after the needs of the population.

‘But in all that period of time, we haven’t.

‘The government’s saying: “It’s not our responsibility’’. But we’ve been occupying the country for four years.’

The appeal to the Blair government said: ‘Sick or injured children, who could otherwise be treated by simple means, are left to die in hundreds because they do not have access to basic medicines or other resources.’

Big mental and other health problems in Iraq: here.

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