Japanese extreme Right ecoterrorists help whalers

This video is called Greenpeace chases Japanese whaling fleet – 13 Jan 08.

From 70 South Antarctic News:

Japanese whalers helped by eco terrorists

by Kris Molle — 13-12-2006

Greenpeace and Sea Shepherd have another opponent as Japan‘s eco terrorists set out to sink their ships.

An extremely radical right-wing government agency, promoting illegal commercial whaling as “scientific research”, called Japan’s Institute for Cetacean Research (ICR), have treathened those who will try to stop whaling.

These Japanese ultranationalists are defying international law and said they will kill over 1,000 whales this year for “scientific research”.



North Pacific right whales: here.

Greenpeace blogathon here.

Japanese Rightist neo-militarism and NATO: here.

5 thoughts on “Japanese extreme Right ecoterrorists help whalers

  1. South Africa: IWC Whale Research Ship Leaves Cape Town for Icy Mission in Antarctica

    Cape Argus

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    Cape Argus (Cape Town)

    December 19, 2006
    Posted to the web December 19, 2006

    Environment & Science Writer

    Vital research on whales deep in the Southern Ocean and the icy waters of Antarctica will continue this season, with a research ship from the International Whaling Commission (IWC) due to leave Table Bay harbour on Thursday.

    But unlike previous research cruises, this mission will not have any South African whale scientists aboard.
    Western Union

    The research ship, Shonan Maru No 2, arrived in Cape Town yesterday to prepare for the 2006/07 International Whaling Commission’s Southern Ocean Whale and Ecosystem Research (IWC-SOWER) cruise – a 65-day trip into Antarctic waters.

    “The ship will conduct research as part of a 29-year study of the whale populations of the Southern Ocean directed by the IWC’s scientific committee, that has so far included three circumnavigation of the Antarctic continent,” said local whale expert and committee member Peter Best.

    The ship is provided by the Japanese government, which supports whaling in defiance of the IWC. The research will be conducted by a team of four scientists of three nationalities.

    Paul Ensor from New Zealand is the cruise leader. He is supported by Paula Olson from the the United States, Kazuki Fukutome from Japan and Isobel Beasley, also from New Zealand.

    The research programme is unanimously supported by the 70 member nations of the IWC, including South Africa.

    The research did not involve the capture or killing of animals, and was conducted independently of any whaling operations, said Best.

    “Up until now … the main focus of the cruises has been to obtain data to estimate the population size and distribution of Antarctic minke whales … and to develop an ‘at sea’ method to distinguish between the ‘true’ and ‘pygmy’ sub-species of blue whale,” he said.

    The objectives of the 2006/07 cruise are:

    To carry out a series of survey experiments to improve and interpret estimates of Antarctic minke whales.

    To undertake a feasibility study for fin whale research in waters north of 60°S.

    To continue research on blue whales and humpback whales.

    The research ship returns to Cape Town on February 23.

    Results of the study will be presented at the IWC’s annual meeting in Alaska, US, in May and June. For more information, visit http://www.iwcoffice.org

    Copyright © 2006 Cape Argus.


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