Camera at white-tailed eagle nest in The Netherlands

White-tailed eagle

From the Dutch site of Staatsbosbeheer:

Staatsbosbeheer has put a small remote controlled camera near the white-tailed eagle nest in the Oostvaardersplassen (Flevoland province).

A connection sends the images to the visitors’ centre six kilometers away.

Those images will be visible this spring at this web site.

This way, everyone will be able to see how – hopefully – this year again, a chick hatches from an egg.

The first signs are already there, park ranger Leo Smits says.

The partents prepare the nest and act ‘madly in love’.

And white-tailed eagles often nest for years at the same place.

This spring and summer, the white-tailed eagle couple successfully reared a chick [for the first time in The Netherlands since time immemorial].

Staatsbosbeheer hopes this success will be repeated.

However, it is to be hoped the eagles will not be harmed by wrong government decisions to have airplanes fly over their nature reserve.

Golden eagles in Scotland: here.

Golden eagle chicks in Topeka zoo, USA: here.

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