Poetry slam. Phase four of first round

Apollo and the muses, by Raphael

On 14 November, the fourth and last phase of the first round of the slam poetry was in the theatre.

There were five poets: Arnoud Rigter had been announced, but was not there.

Similarly with Gerard Beentjes and Rita de Pita.

So, on stage tonight, Pom Wolff, Alex Franken, Casper Fioole, Alexis de Roode and A.C.G. Vianen.

Between the slam poetry, two musical acts.

First, singer Marieke van Zanten with piano player Raymond Bonnet.

A doctor specialized in throats and vocal cords, Ms van Zanten tonight did not dress in a white coat, but in a mostly blue dress, black stockings, and aquamarine blue pumps.

She sang three songs: two by Janis Ian, one by Barbra Streisand.

Among the audience was her singing teacher, Bernadette Gallis.

I have written about her singing Mikis Theodarikis’ Mauthausen cycle in this theatre.

However, I wrote that on ModBlog when it was still there, so it is doubtful whether I will ever find it again.

More music came later by the Understate Men, a guitar and bass guitar player from Veenendaal, inspired by Neil Young (see also here).

After the Understate Men, the votes of the jury and the audience were announced.

The audience decided that Alex Franken would continue to the final round on 12 December.

So would Pom Wolff, the jury’s choice.

Both read an encore poem.

Pom Wolff’s was against hardline immigration minister Rita Verdonk.

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