Poetry and blues and roll

Pink Meltzer

Today, again in cafe De Bonte Koe (The Spotted Cow) a poetry and music afternoon.

Pink Meltzer did the announcing, for the last time.

She read a poem of her own, on a recent referendum on transport in Leiden.

It is not known yet who will replace her.

First on stage, poet Rick van Boekel.

Then, Han Ruijgrok, with poems by Frank Koenegracht.

Then Peter van Leeuwen; and the first time ever of sculptor Jeroen Spijker reading his poems.

Then, the first set of music by Blues and Roll.

They are Sam van Bochove, bas and vocals.

Siebe Postma, guitar, vocals, and mouth organ.

And Bernadette Gallis, bongos percussion.

They were her own bongos, which she has as a music teacher.

Rick van Boekel later also used these bongos for his poems.

This time, contrary to last time, Bernadette did not play standing on high heels.

She also had her keyboard, to play a song which she had composed herself when she was eight years old.

Its first parts sounded a bit like Jelly Roll Morton, later parts had more classical influences.

In later gigs of the band, Bernadette plans to sing as well.

The band has played in Drenthe province, and will play on 22 May in Leiden.

Two of their songs today were in Frisian (native langue of the guitarist).

Among later poets on stage was yours truly, with poems on colour changes in sunlight, a lady bug, an umbrella, seasons, togetherness, and Dutch Princess Mabel.

Then, Peter van den Berg.

Also on stage again, Willem Breddels.

He is far better known for painting than for poetry.

However, already in the 1980s, a poem by him had been published, along with wll known poets like Simon Vinkenoog and Bert Schierbeek, in Schijvers tegen Apartheid (writers against apartheid).

The editor of that book had been Manuel Kneepkens.

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