Poetry afternoon in Utrecht

This video shows Belgian poetess Yerna Van Den Driessche reading poems in Gent on 13 February 2018.

Today, there was poetry afternoon in Utrecht in the central Netherlands.

On my way there: a buzzard sitting on a pole.

A grey heron flying, then another buzzard flying.

453 people had submitted poems or short stories for the literature price of Utrecht city.

Of these, the jury had decided 24 people would proceed to the final round.

They had expected only about ten of those would be able and willing to read their poems today in Hoog Catharijne, the big shopping mall near Utrecht railway station.

However, eighteen had accepted the invitation to perform today.

From twelve am on, the poets performed in groups of four or five, at four different places in the big shopping mall.

Each poet read in principle twice, unless he or she prefered otherwise.

The presentation was by Utrecht poet Alexis de Roode.

He was helped by poet, but today mainly flute player, Arjan Witte.

Like a pied piper, he led the poets, audience, and mobile stage from one performance place to the next in the shopping mall.

At 12 am, the first person on stage.

Well, stage … it was the top of a carrier cycle.

Poetess Anneke Groot from Veendam started the event off.

With poems on her grandfather; a foal; a traffic accident.

Her last poem was on young long-eared owls.

Long-eared owl

Then, Katinka Kersting from Delft.

Her poems included: woman searching for …; and on holiday in Sweden.

Then, Jelmer Birkhoff, from the south of Zuid-Holland province.

Then, yours truly, with poems on a ladybug; the Iraq war; and a window.

As last poet of this session, Jean-Luc Lambrechts from Mechelen in Belgium, whose poems included one on Richard Nixon.

Then, everyone moved to Hoog Brabant, another section of the shopping mall.

First, Greetje Kruidhof from Amsterdam.

In black clothes, she read poems on intimate relationships.

Then, André Heijnekamp from Amersfoort, a real slam poet with punkish hair style.

He almost fell off the carrier cycle.

Then, poetess Mari Meyer from Utrecht, for her first time ever (like for me) from a carrier cycle, with poems on intimate relationships.

Then Eric van Loo, including a poem on the table where he writes his poems.

Next on stage … sorry, carrier cycle …, as last of this Hoog Brabant round, poetess Ann Langeraet from Belgium.

Then, everyone moved to Godebald, elsewhere in the shopping mall.

There, the first poet was Kees Klok from Dordrecht, reading from his poetry book, on the Veluwe and other landscapes, and on the museum in Dordrecht.

Then, Ingeborg Klarenberg, with poems on food poisoning and adoption.

Then, Ingrid Kielen from Utrecht.

And Bert Scheurs from Groot Bijgaarden in Belgium.

Finally at Godebald, Vicky Francken from Boxmeer in Noord-Brabant province.

After the round at Godebald, of about half an hour, like the others, we moved to the staircase of the shopping mall.

There, Eric van Loo, for the second time, with poems on Petrarca and other poets; and on painter Vermeer.

Then, Katinka Kersting again.

Boudewijn Rikmenspoel did not read from the carrier cycle, being too heavy.

Anneke Groot, in her second time, read the same poems as in her first time.

After a pause for lunch, we started again at the same place as at 12 am.

Bert Scheurs read for the second time, also the poems from the first round again.

Then, the first reading of her poetry in public ever by Marin Mosterd from Utrecht, partly of Hungarian ancestry.

And from Belgium Yerna Van Den Driessche, from Bottelare near Ghent, reading from her poetry book.

Then, André Heijnekamp again.

At Hoog Brabant, Ingrid Kielen for the second time.

Then, Jean-Luc Lambrechts again, but not with the same poems.

Then, Kees Klok, with different poems, including on the 1953 flood disaster, and on painter Weissenbruch, and on Greece.

Then, the second turn of Vicky Francken.

At Godebald, yours truly was first this time on the carrier cycle.

With three different poems, on the Dutch government, on a gazelle, and on football.

Then, Mari Meyer´s second turn.

Then, the second time for Boudewijn Rikmenspoel.

And for Jelmer Birkhoff as well.

Then, the final round near the staircase.

Yerna Van Den Driessche for the second time.

Then, Greetje Kruidhof again.

And Ingeborg Klarenberg, one of whose poems this time was in German.

As last ´official´ poet, Marin Mosterd for the second time.

As last poem of the day, presenter Alexis de Roode read a sonnet on the shopping mall.

Later, it turned out that all four prizes were won by poets and prose writers not present at the Hoog Catharijne event.

5 thoughts on “Poetry afternoon in Utrecht

  1. Heb ervan genoten. Door de namen in volgorde van optreden te vermelden is het gemakkelijk om er een gezicht bij te plaatsen. Bedankt. het was een fijne dag. ik wens alvast de winnaars proficiat. Yerna


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