Poetry, blues, and roll afternoon

This video [from 20 November 2010] is about a demonstration in Leiden against cuts in arts; with poetry by Pink Meltzer and others.

Today in cafe De Bonte Koe (The Spotted Cow) a poetry and music afternoon.

Pink Meltzer, wearing a big bag inscribed with PINK BAG, did the announcing, though she, as she said, was recovering from flu.

First on stage, poetess Gonnie Bakker.

Then, Egon Snelders.

As third on stage, Han Ruijgrok.

His poems included one on weblogs.

Then, the first set of music by Blues and Roll.

They are Sam van Bochove, bas and vocals.

Siebe Postma, guitar, vocals, and mouth organ.

And Bernadette Gallis, bongos percussion.

They were her own bongos, which she has as a music teacher.

Next time, she would like to play on a more complete drum kit including cymbals etc., as she thought especially for slow blues songs, bongos are not enough.

This was the band’s first gig ever, and Bernadette’s first time ever drumming on stage.

They had rehearsed only a few times.

But Bernadette thought she still dared to do the experiment, as a lifetime of piano playing had taught her about rhythm.

She played standing on high heels, sometimes tapping along (I still remember a woman bass player who had doubts about playing with high heels on stage … well maybe on a special stage like Paradiso in Amsterdam).

The band maybe will play next in Drenthe province, and then, on 22 May in Leiden.

Then they intend to do a different show, with Bernadette Gallis also singing and playing piano.

Their second song today was in Frisian (native langue of the guitarist).

The second round of poetry started with Ton Jansen.

Then, Peter van den Berg, on slam poetry, on gulls, and against the death penalty, including one for Saddam Hussein.

Then, Martin Aart de Jong.

Then, Jet Crielaard from The Hague.

After Jet, another set by Blues and Roll, including mouth organ play.

Then, the third group of poets.

First was Willem Breddels.

He is far better known for painting than for poetry.

However, already in the 1980s, a poem by him had been published, along with well known poets like Simon Vinkenoog and Bert Schierbeek, in Schijvers tegen Apartheid (writers against apartheid).

Editor of that book had been Manuel Kneepkens.

After Willem Breddels came Pim Karhof.

As last official poet on stage came Wijnand Noot.

His last poem, Angst in de stad (City of fear) was on racism in Rotterdam, hardline immigration minister Verdonk, etc.

Then an erotic poem by Pink Meltzer (just one, as her voice still suffered from flu).

Then, a final set by Blues and Roll.

They had to do an encore, which had to be one of the earlier songs, as, as a new band, they still don’t have very many songs.

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