USA: Bush: yes, Iraq war is like Vietnam

US soldiers dying in Vietnam

ABC in the USA reports:

Bush: Iraq Could Be Like Vietnam

In an interview yesterday with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos, President Bush accepted a comparison between the current war in Iraq and Vietnam War.

Stephanopoulos told the president that New York Times columnist Tom Friedman has compared the current situation in Iraq to the 1968 Tet offensive in Vietnam.

Bush replied, “He could be right…there’s certainly a stepped up level on violence, and we’re heading into an election.”

The Tet offensive is widely considered to be the turning point in the Vietnam War.

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Somewhat like when George W Bush admitted there were secret US torture prisons abroad, after a long time when Bush’s underlings had denied such prisons existed: I have to say, perversely: Thank you, George W Bush.

Thank you for letting down and exposing your well paid prostitute pundits who went so amusingly (if it would not have been about over 600,000 dead, and counting) berserk every time someone made the Vietnam-Iraq war comparison.

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15 thoughts on “USA: Bush: yes, Iraq war is like Vietnam

  1. Posted by: “Becky Louden” bebecca2298
    Thu Oct 19, 2006 9:06 pm (PST)
    Larry Gelbart’s List of Things to Remember on Election Day

    Abu Ghraib
    Unwarranted Phone Taps
    Unprecedented Powers
    Unmatched Incompetence
    Unparalleled Corruption
    Governor Bob Taft
    Representative Tom Delay
    Representative Roy Blunt
    Representative Ken Calvert
    Representative John Dolittle
    Representative Tom Feeney
    Representative Katherine Harris
    Representative Jerry Lewis
    Representative Gary Miller
    Representative Marilyn Musgrave
    Representative Richard PomboRepresentative Rick Renzi
    Representative John Sweeney
    Representative Charles Taylor
    Representative Curt Weldon
    Representative J.D. Hayworth
    Representative Don Sherwood
    Representative Bob Ney
    Representative Duke Cunningham
    Representative Tom Reynolds
    Representative Chris Cannon
    Jeff Gannon
    Representative Mark Foley
    Representative Dennis Hastert
    Senator George Allen
    Senator Bill Frist
    Senator Conrad Burns
    Senator Rick Santorum
    David Safavian
    The Vice Presidential Energy Task Force
    Three bucks a gallon
    Record oil company profits
    Anwar Pipeline
    Anbar Province
    Arthur Anderson
    Global Crossing
    Global Warming
    Global Boiling
    Adam Kidan
    Timothy Flanigan
    Ralph Reed
    Harriet Miers
    The Supreme Court
    John Bolton
    Florida, 2000
    Ohio, 2004
    North Korea
    Stem Cell Research
    Scooter Libby
    Valerie Plame
    Golden Parachutes
    Shrunken Pensions
    Bernie Kerik
    Eminent Domain
    Social Security
    Habeas Corpus
    Ahmad Chalabi
    The Baghdad Museum
    Tora Bora
    Taliban Resurgence
    Iraqi Insurgents
    General Eric Shinseki
    General Anthony Zinni
    Mission Accomplished
    Illegal Immigration
    Intelligent Design
    Kenneth Tomlinson
    Claude Allen
    Swift Boat Hit Squads
    Ari Fleischer
    Scott McClellan
    Tony Snow
    Ann Coulter
    Expiration of Assault Weapons Ban
    John Ashcroft
    Alberto Gonzales
    George Tenet
    Paul Bremer
    Paul Wolfowitz
    Richard Perle
    Kissinger Redux
    Duck Cheney
    Donald Henry Rumsfeld
    Turd Blossom
    And finally, the Uniter-Decider-Reader of Camus, Shakespeare and “My Pet
    Goat,” who describes the party that successfully prosecuted two world
    wars as people who cut and run.


  2. you are a stupid jerk.the vietnam war early on us troops were only advisors.we lost over 58,000 the next four are probably a teacher or a liberal who needs to read real history books.your cartoon is a distorted truth and a joke.


  3. Hi Larry Greig, I will leave your comment here, as it is typical of the “civility”, and inability to face reality (and spell the English language) of at least some Bush supporters. I removed your paranoid racist remark, however.


  4. This image is not true. There were 1000 dead each month in vietnam and a little over 3,000 to date with Iraq. You do the math. 1000 x 12 = 12000 the first year. 500 in first 4 years, yeah…I dont think so.


  5. Dear Megan, I refer you to the official statistics of the US government on Vietnam war casualties. They are here.

    They take 1956-60 as the “”first four years” of the Vietnam war, and say only 9 US soldiers died then, so very much *less* than the number named in the cartoon.

    OK, let’s say then that 1961-1964 were the “real first four years” of the Vietnam war. For those years, the US government says, casualties were 16+52+118+206. Total: 392, still not quite 500, but pretty much in the order of 500.

    What one may learn from those figures is also that the 1965 escalation, or`surge` as Bush says now on Iraq, just caused more bloodshed.


  6. There can be {only) self defiance – to commit war is the greatest evils of crime… America has not won a war sense
    1945, My guess is she’ll never win another. After all
    wars are never won but by tragic insanity.
    …And religion most of the time a wicked seed, if it isn’t all about love from the heart, the truth of that faith – humanity’s love proven … cast it out from your lives. Thank you…. “Rem Bailey”


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