Charles Darwin’s works go online

Charles Darwin

The BBC reports:

The complete works of one of history’s greatest scientists, Charles Darwin, are being published online.

The project run by Cambridge University has digitised some 50,000 pages of text and 40,000 images of original publications – all of it searchable.

See also here.

And here.

And here.

From the British Medical Journal:

Charles Darwin took a Bible with him on HMS Beagle and planned to become a clergyman, but he came back a scientist.

The young Darwin was mad about beetles and geology, but he was an indifferent student who thought entering the clergy would give him a quiet life in which he could pursue his study of the natural world.

Darwin’s professor Henslow: here.

See also here.

Botanist Hooker: here.

Bishop Usher who thought the world was created 4004 B.C.: here.

Geologist Charles Lyell, an inspiration for Darwin: here.

Alfred Wallace and evolution: here.

Alfred Russel Wallace: Founder of a Great Divide: here.

17th-century physicist Robert Hooke’s secrets go online: here.

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