Big oil’s grab at Iraq war spoils

Dick Cheney and Iraq war, cartoon

Remember how hysterical Bush supporting pundits went whenever you doubted their wisdom?

Like that the Iraq war would be a ‘cakewalk’, that Iraqis would throw flowers at invading US soldiers, that it was ‘mission accomplished‘ in 2003?

Remember their hysteria whenever you doubted their certainties on ‘weapons of mass destruction‘?

And whenever you doubted their talk on the supposed 9/11-Iraq connection?

Well, the Bush administration has admitted there were no weapons of mass destruction, the only official reason for the war.

And no 9/11-Saddam Hussein connection (there were Saddam-Rumsfeld, and CIA-Al Qaeda connections, but they do not want to talk about that.)

George W Bush himself has admitted US forces are not winning the war in Iraq.
Cheney and the Iraq war
And, Bush said, yes, Iraq is comparable to Vietnam (a comparison for which not that long ago Senator Edward Kennedy and others had been attacked in McCarthyite Inquisition style).

The peace movement really touched a raw nerve of the Right when they said: No blood for oil in Iraq.

For, ‘of course’, nothing, according to Bush and Cheney’s sycophants, like Tony Blair, could be further away from the minds of oil dynasty scion George W and Dick of Halliburton than oil.

They started war for unselfish humanitarian reasons, ‘of course’ not for oil.

In reality, there is a complex of causes for the Iraq war.

The major importance of oil within that complex is by now at last admitted by Bush’s Republicans.

This video from the USA is called Cheney: I never linked Iraq with 9/11. Oh really?

From British daily The Independent of today:

Future of Iraq: The spoils of war

How the West will make a killing on Iraqi oil riches

By Danny Fortson, Andrew Murray-Watson and Tim Webb

Published: 07 January 2007

Iraq’s massive oil reserves, the third-largest in the world, are about to be thrown open for large-scale exploitation by Western oil companies under a controversial law which is expected to come before the Iraqi parliament within days.

The US government has been involved in drawing up the law, a draft of which has been seen by The Independent on Sunday.

It would give big oil companies such as BP, Shell and Exxon 30-year contracts to extract Iraqi crude and allow the first large-scale operation of foreign oil interests in the country since the industry was nationalised in 1972.

The huge potential prizes for Western firms will give ammunition to critics who say the Iraq war was fought for oil.

They point to statements such as one from Vice-President Dick Cheney, who said in 1999, while he was still chief executive of the oil services company Halliburton, that the world would need an additional 50 million barrels of oil a day by 2010.

“So where is the oil going to come from?…

The Middle East, with two-thirds of the world’s oil and the lowest cost, is still where the prize ultimately lies,” he said.

19 thoughts on “Big oil’s grab at Iraq war spoils

  1. ExxonMobil tried to mislead, scientists say
    Posted by: “Corey” cpmondello
    Sat Jan 6, 2007 7:48 pm (PST)
    ExxonMobil tried to mislead, scientists say

    January 4, 2007, Boston Globe/Associated Press

    ExxonMobil Corp. gave $16 million to 43 ideological groups between 1998 and 2005 in an effort to mislead the public by discrediting the science behind global warming, the Union of Concerned Scientists asserted yesterday. The report by the advocacy group mirrors similar claims by Britain’s leading scientific academy. Last September, The Royal Society wrote the oil company asking it to halt support for groups that “misrepresented the science of climate change.” Alden Meyer, the Union of Concerned Scientists’ strategy and policy director, said in a teleconference that ExxonMobil based its tactics on those of tobacco companies, spreading uncertainty by misrepresenting peer-reviewed scientific studies or emphasizing only selected facts. James McCarthy, a professor at Harvard University, said the company has sought to “create the illusion of a vigorous debate” about global warming.

    Full Story



  2. The relentless destruction of Iraq is a tragedy of our time and will continue to ruin the world as long as it is allowed to continue. The most troubling outcome of this United States war is the INDIFFERENCE that is being displayed by our government and our nations people. By not acting, we are slowly loosing sight of our chance to salvage our relationship in the middle east, and are being increasingly forsaken by those that lead us.


  3. NEWS FLASH: This website is killing neutral Iraqi civilians. You have just helped the same militants who kill the people that you all want to protect. this is called 4th dimensional warfare. Something the United states government sucks at and Arab militants are very good at with the help of western European and American people. Every time you post pictures that are pro militant you are giving props to the Arab militant factions to blend in with innocent Iraqis and continue to do such attacks that lead to Coalition attacks on the Arab militants that are mixed in with the innocent Iraqis causing death on all three of them. Way to go people of peace or should I say war supporters for the Muslim extremist side.


  4. Hi bob weaver, I notice that you do not go into any of the points raised in this long blog post on the Iraq war which cost over a million dead Iraqi civilians since Bush invaded in 2003. Instead you prefer to react hystericallly and ad hominem to cartoons. Touché, apparently. However, I will cut you some slack, as you are probably very upset now that your favourite Sarah Palin will not become president of the USA, by verdict of the US electorate. It is better for you to go playing, along with Sarah Palin in a Flintstone movie, an imaginary alternative reality, in which humans and dinosaurs co/exist. Sarah Palin believes in such a `reality`. I prefer the real reality, also on the Iraq war.


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