USA: General Motors to close 9 plants, slash 30,000 North American jobs

This video from the USA is called Flint Sit Down Strike (1936-37) [at General Motors] – UAW History

Item of today:

22 November 2005

General Motors announced plans Monday to close or eliminate shifts at nine assembly, stamping and powertrain plants and cut 30,000 hourly workers’ jobs in the US and Canada by the end of 2008.

The cost-cutting measures by the world’s largest auto maker will have a devastating impact on workers, their families and communities across North America.

The elimination of 22 percent of the North American workforce is part of a major restructuring plan designed to boost profits and raise share values for the company’s stockholders.

General Motors management used to say: “Whatever is good for General Motors, is good for the USA” …

See also here and here.

Opposition to GM plans to close British plant: here.

Ford Motors: here; and here.

9 thoughts on “USA: General Motors to close 9 plants, slash 30,000 North American jobs

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