COVID-19 in Trump’s USA

This 29 July 2020 video from the USA says about itself:

Trump and U.S. COVID-19 Cases: A Timeline | NowThis

TRUMP-COVID TIMELINE: Here’s Trump’s perception of the COVID-19 crisis vs the reality.

6 STATES BREAK RECORDS FOR CORONAVIRUS DEATHS A half-dozen U.S. states in the South and West reported new one-day records for coronavirus deaths and cases in Texas passed the 400,000 mark as California health officials said Latinos made up more than half its cases. Arkansas, California, Florida, Montana, Oregon and Texas each reported record spikes in fatalities. In the United States more than 1,300 lives were lost on Tuesday, the biggest one-day increase since May. [Reuters]

REPUBLICANS REALLY WANT TO BLOCK YOU FROM SUING OVER COVID-19 The latest stimulus package proposed by Senate Republicans to address the coronavirus pandemic would dramatically limit the ability of consumers and workers to sue corporations that fail to protect them from the disease. The GOP effort to grant businesses, schools and hospitals special liability protections is so extreme that consumer and worker advocates say it would do more than just hinder access to the courts ― it would undercut one of the main incentives companies have for trying to limit the spread of the virus. [HuffPost]

TRUMP CLINGS TO UNPROVEN TREATMENTS Trump’s press conference quickly unraveled on Tuesday as he struggled to defend a video he’d retweeted that is full of false claims about the coronavirus and complained about his low approval rating. Reporters asked Trump repeated questions about his continued support for hydroxychloroquine as a COVID-19 treatment a day after he retweeted several conspiracy theories about the drug. Multiple clinical trials have found hydroxychloroquine ineffective and dangerous. Trump abruptly ended the briefing after questions about a doctor in his retweeted video, who has a history of claiming a uterine disorder is caused by “demon sperm.”[HuffPost]

Stop trying to live like we aren’t in a pandemic.

FAUCI RESPONDS TO TRUMP TWEET CLAIMING HE’D MISLED PUBLIC Dr. Anthony Fauci, the nation’s leading expert on infectious diseases, denied misleading the public “under any circumstances” after Trump retweeted a claim that he had done so. Fauci, appearing on ABC’s “Good Morning America,” was confronted with Trump’s apparent endorsement of criticism of his failure to endorse the anti-malaria drug hydroxychloroquine as a coronavirus treatment. Trump has repeatedly touted the drug ― and claimed to be taking it himself ― although studies suggest it is ineffective and has potentially serious side effects. [HuffPost]

5 thoughts on “COVID-19 in Trump’s USA

  1. As COVID-19 and unemployment crises sweep the United States, it’s never been more obvious that all Americans should be guaranteed Medicare for All as a human right.

    I was encouraged for the fight ahead by the enthusiasm and determination of the over 3,000 Our Revolution members who participated in our recent Medicare for All strategy call.

    Even though we are fighting powerful special interests who use their money to manipulate our democracy to maintain profits, Medicare for All continues to build popular support — now over half of the House Democratic Caucus is a co-sponsor of my bill.

    We are making progress on Medicare for All directly because of the important work that Our Revolution members are doing across the country to demand health care as a human right.

    This year, Our Revolution groups have already helped get five new Medicare for All supporters in position to make a difference by winning their Democratic primaries.

    That’s the kind of grit and grassroots organizing that’s going to ensure that no American dies because they can’t afford health care.

    Chip in here to support Our Revolution’s important organizing work to demand health care as a human right!

    I look forward to speaking with you soon on another Our Revolution strategy call.

    In solidarity,

    Pramila Jayapal


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