Liebster Award, thanks Keyne Daisy Carvalho!

Liebster Award

My dear blogging friend Keyne Daisy Carvalho of the blog Bluehues musings has been so kind to nominate Dear Kitty. Some blog for the Liebster Award.

She has a fine blog on love, poetry and art.

Thank you so much for this kind gesture!

Rules for the Liebster Award:

-Thank the blogger who nominated you, and provide a link to their blog.
-Answer the questions given to you.
-Nominate 5-11 other bloggers.
-Ask your nominees questions.
-Notify your nominees once you have uploaded your post.

My answers to Keyne Daisy Carvalho’s questions:

1- What made you want to start blogging? Seeing other people’s blogs.
2- What are your favorite books/authors and why? At the moment, ancient Greek poet Homer. But this changes a lot for me from day to day.
3- What’s the best advice you’ve received? Buy binoculars for birdwatching.
4- What inspires you to write? Many things. There are 40 different subjects on my blog.
5- One memory that puts a smile on your face. Being in Svalbard, seeing mating ptarmigans there.
6- A favorite quote or like from a book. It is better to keep your mouth closed and let people think you are a fool than to open it and remove all doubt. Mark Twain
7- One thing on your bucket list? Going to Antarctica again.
8- What would make the world a better place? Stopping all wars.

My questions to my nominees:

1. What’s the best thing ever in your life?

2. If you could make 1 wish what would that be?

3. What is your favourite animal?

4. What is your favorite food?

5. Name 1 blogger you would like to meet in person.

6. Name 1 country all people should have seen in life?

7. Who is your biggest enemy?

8. Which country where you have never been to would you like to visit?

My eleven nominees:

1. Barbara Crane Navarro

2. Unspoken thoughts

3. EDM 7

4. dalalfah88

5. A Best Of Life

6. K8n2010

7. Growing Up…

8. Harvey’s Sentiments

9. thebibliophilewriter

10. Kate hearts life

11. Space Curiouser


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