Dutch government lies on Afghan war

This 10 December 2019 video from the USA says about itself:

Saagar Enjeti: Investigate Obama, Bush for Afghan lies

Saagar Enjeti calls out the political establishment for overlooking
the Washington Post‘s revelations on the origins of the Afghanistan War.

Translated from Dutch NOS radio, 31 January 2020:

The Dutch parliament was misinformed at the time about the progress of the Kunduz police training mission in Afghanistan. The developments were depicted too brightly and positively in order not to lose the political support for the mission.

Researchers of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs come to that conclusion. Ministers Blok (Foreign Affairs) and Bijleveld (Defense), among others, described the conclusions as “serious” in a letter to the House of Representatives. …

The mission was from 2011 to 2013 in the Afghan Kunduz province. Dutch soldiers trained local police officers there. From the outset, political support was a problem. …

There was then a minority right-wing government, a coalition of the VVD and CDA parties.

With difficulty, the government received support from opposition parties. They set strict conditions – in particular GroenLinks and the ChristenUnie. Eg, it could only be called a “training mission” and not a “fighting mission”.

Put under pressure

The researchers now conclude that those involved in the mission “experienced pressure to present a more positive image than there really was”. A too favourable picture of the number of trained Afghans was presented; already dropped out students still counted, others were counted twice. Certificates were also issued incorrectly.

Strengthening the rule of law on the spot was also less successful than the House was told.

3 thoughts on “Dutch government lies on Afghan war

  1. The House was told what it wanted to hear and if that is not the truth then it is the House to be blamed in the first place. They knew or could know that a war is going on and they were not training boyscouts in survival skils but soldiers ment to fight the enemy.


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