Donald Trump’s Iraq-Iran war, parody song

This 5 January 2019 satiric musical video from Britain is called Frank Sinatrump – Yuge War, Yuge War.

It is a parody of the song New York, New York by Frank Sinatra.

It says about itself:

Donald Trump‘s Frank Sinatra tribute act sings of the oncoming war with Iran.


Start sending the troops
Get ‘em leaving today
I wanna be the start of it
Yuge war, yuge war

These larger-than-average-sized hands
Are longing to push
The big red button on my desk
Yuge war, yuge war

I wanna wake up to a muffin with sausage meat
And find I’m still President
King of the Tweets

Those barrels of oil
Are wasting away
Let’s get ‘em outta Iranistan
Yuge war, yuge war

If I can blow up there
I’ll blow up everywhere
It’s up to me
Yuge war, yuge war

9 thoughts on “Donald Trump’s Iraq-Iran war, parody song

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