Rare Bermuda petrels are back on their nest

This video from Bermuda says about itself:

Adult Cahow Makes First Visit of the 2020 Breeding Season β€” Oct. 23, 2019

An adult [male] cahow returned to the Cahow cam nesting burrow on October 23, meaning the November courtship period will likely soon be underway for the pair inhabiting this nest site. Now we wait for its mate to return!

Both the 2017-2018 cam burrow and the original 2013-2014 burrow are visible, as well as two different views of Nonsuch Island (where the cams are based).

The CahowCam is a collaboration between the Cornell Lab of Ornithology and the Nonsuch Expeditions. You can watch the cam live here.

and learn more about Nonsuch Island’s environs (including the cahow) here.

The Cornel Lab of Ornithology writes:

The cahows will spend the next few weeks courting, copulating, and preparing their nest scrape for what’s to come. Watch while you can, because they won’t stay for long. Both adults will head back out to sea near the start of December before the female ultimately returns to lay a single egg in early January.

3 thoughts on “Rare Bermuda petrels are back on their nest

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