Bermuda petrel chick fledges, video

This 7 June 2019 video says about itself:

Bermuda Petrel Chick “Cedar” Fledges! | Bermuda Cahow Cam – June 7, 2019

Cahow cam star “Cedar” has fledged from its nesting burrow on Nonsuch Island, Bermuda! Watch her take wing under the cover of night after practicing a few wing flaps. Following a 90-day nestling period, this young seabird has set out over the Atlantic Ocean, where it will spend the next 4–6 years before returning to Bermuda in search of a mate. Good luck out there, Cedar!

Cedar‘s fledge signals another success story for the endangered Bermuda Petrel, a species on the rebound after having been thought extinct for over 300 years. This climactic ending to the 2019 Cahow cam season is bolstered by encouraging reports from the rest of the cahow population on Bermuda. Senior Terrestrial Conservation Officer Jeremy Madeiros shares news that 2019 has the potential to be another record-breaking year for the breeding population, with 131 breeding pairs producing 73 possible fledglings.

3 thoughts on “Bermuda petrel chick fledges, video

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