Rare young Bermuda petrel fledges, video

This video says about itself:

Bermuda Cahow Chick Fledges Overnight! | Nonsuch Expeditions | Cornell Lab – May 25, 2020

Fledge alert from Nonsuch Island, Bermuda! This weekend brought cause for celebration for everyone following the Bermuda Cahow cams this year. At 2:03 AM on May 25, the 87-day-old chick “Nemo” from the CahowCam1 burrow fledged!

Watch highlights of the chick in the hours leading up to liftoff. The chick starts off by testing its wings with some rapid flapping before it begins exploring the area outside of the nesting tunnel’s entrance. Stay until the end to see the young petrel make a confident flight towards open water. Now that the chick has fledged, it will spend the next 3-6 years at sea before returning to its breeding grounds in search of a mate.

4 thoughts on “Rare young Bermuda petrel fledges, video

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