Trump sends soldiers to Syria again

This video from Britain is about Medea Benjamin of United States women’s peace organisation CODE PINK at a British Stop the War Coalition meeting: 15 Years On, Time to Stop the War, 08 10 2016.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV today:

“US wants to strengthen military position in Syria again”

The US wants to deploy additional military resources in Syria again. That is what an anonymous Pentagon official says to the US American media. More than two weeks ago, President Trump decided to partially withdraw US troops from Syria.

Earlier this week, Secretary of Defense Esper said that not all American troops have left North Syria and that some have been left behind to guard the oil fields. According to the anonymous source, there are plans to increase the number of troops.

The Pentagon did not say what means the Pentagon will use to do so, but according to The Wall Street Journal, it concerns dozens of tanks.

So, warmonger Trump told the truth about endless United States wars for just one brief tweet. His temporal withdrawal was just for helping NATO ally Erdogan of Turkey with his bloody invasion of Syria, and for concentrating troops around the real main reason for these wars: oil. And now, Trump escalates the Syrian war again.

THE MAKINGS OF A PREDATORY PRESIDENT In the New York Military Academy’s 1964 yearbook, there is a striking photo of a young man with a young woman by his side. He stares smugly into the camera under the caption “Ladies Man.” This young man would go on to become president [Trump] of the United States. [HuffPost]

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