Gunman attacks Norwegian mosque

This video says about itself:

Terrorist attack at Masjid in Norway

Assalamo Alaikom, unfortunately a white terrorist attacked with firearms into a masjid in Oslo (Bærum), Norway around 16:00, Saturday 10th. August 2019.

A brave 70 years old man grabbed the terrorist and held him to the ground and one or two others helped him to bind him till police came.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV:

In a shooting incident in a mosque in Bærum, near Oslo, a person was injured, reports the Norwegian police on Twitter. The perpetrator was arrested. The state of the victim is unknown.

The shooter has been overpowered by one or more people in the mosque. …

The shooting incident took place at the al-Noor mosque. The shooter is a white man in his twenties. He acted alone, according to the police. There is an investigation into his background and his activities on the internet.

Norwegian media report, based on eyewitnesses, that the man was wearing a uniform and helmet. Multiple weapons are said to have been found.

An Islamophobic copycat of mass murderer Breivik? We don’t know everything yet.

Talking about Breivik: Utoya memorial defaced with swastika on anniversary of attack: here.

By David Nikel in Norway — August 10, 2019:

Police say the suspect is a Norwegian citizen with a Norwegian background and lives locally. …

Other members say the victim is believed to be a 75-year-old member of the mosque.

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