United States Donald Trump Youth scandals

Quite some people have compared United States President Donald Trump to Adolf Hitler. Comparing is not the same as equating. There are various differences between Trump and Hitler: the USA not being Germany, the 21st century not being the 20th century, etc. etc.

One similarity between Trump and Hitler is that they both have a youth organisation. Called Hitler Youth in nazi Germany. While the Trump Youth is called Turning Point USA.

Recently, a prominent Turning Point USA member claimed there was nothing wrong with Hitler’s, as the fuehrer called it ‘making Germany great again’. There were supposedly just small problems with Hitler’s foreign policy.

This Hitler whitewashing organisation also founded a branch in Britain to prop up the Conservative party of Trump’s poodle Prime Minister Theresa May and of Trump’s other poodle Boris Johnson. The propping up did not really help. Today there are European parliament elections in Britain. The results will be known on Sunday evening. Polls predict disaster for the Conservatives.

Now, to the video on top of this blog post.

That 22 May 2019 video from the USA says about itself:

Turning Point USA could be in big trouble. John Iadarola and Jordan Uhl break it down on The Damage Report.

“Turning Point USA is often associated with the time its members wore diapers in an attempt at “triggering” liberals, but this should not be the only public failure the group is remembered for. The conservative organization, which focuses on increasing right-wing political influence on college campuses, has a long history of involvement in racist incidents that are now permanently linked to its name.

TPUSA’s founder and executive director, Charlie Kirk, has repeatedly denied that his organization is racist, yet the incidents of blatant bigotry involving members of TPUSA keep happening, even as leaks show white nationalists plotting to infiltrate it. Kirk, the right-wing “boy wonder” who has used Fox News to turn fearmongering about left-wing ideology on college campuses into a profitable grift, has also successfully leveraged his “perfectly incoherent” sycophancy for the Trump administration into a cozy relationship with the president’s family — a relationship seemingly unaffected by TPUSA’s pattern of racism.”

Read more here.

4 thoughts on “United States Donald Trump Youth scandals

  1. WW II as just a small foreign relationsship problem. I never thought about it like this. Maybe I’m lacking imagination. Maybe I’m just to plain to, down to Erath to see things in this Great Vision. Maybe this makes me a follower and not a leader. Mijn master is called Common Sense.


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