Birds of Oostvaardersveld nature reserve

Oostvaardersveld, 6 April 2019

This photo is from Oostvaardersveld nature reserve in Flevoland province in the Netherlands. Like the other photos in this blog post, it was taken, as an experiment, with a ‘lensbaby‘: a kind of camera lens enabling to make photos in which some parts are focused while other parts are not. Also, as it was a bit of a foggy day, the photos are not as focused as some others.

We went to Oostvaardersveld on 6 April 2019.

First, we went to the Grote Praambult viewpoint. There was a flock of still wintering barnacle geese there. A running red deer.

An Egyptian goose flying. Herring gulls near the barnacle geese flock. A great egret.

A white wagtail in a tree, calling.

A peregrine falcon nest in an electricity pylon. Three falcons flying around it. Is this an intruder trying to dislodge the nesting couple? Or just a curiosity visit? We don’t know.

We go on to another viewpoint, Kleine Praambult.

A song thrush sings. Chiffchaff sound.

Oostvaardersveld, on 6 April 2019

As we start our foggy Oostvaardersveld walk, a blackcap sings.

So does the first one of many willow warblers, just back from Africa.

A coot swims on a lake. Two goldfinches just off the footpath.

In the next lake, mallards and tufted ducks. Common pochards and mute swans.

A Cetti’s warbler sings. A common linnet on the top of the bush.

Great spotted woodpecker sound.

Oostvaardersveld, tree on 6 April 2019

We enter a wooded area.

Oostvaardersveld, dead tree on 6 April 2019

Some trees are dead.

Oostvaardersveld, spring tree on 6 April 2019

For some trees, the spring is just beginning.

Common field-speedwell flowers.

Nuthatch sound.

We arrive at the hide ‘De Krakeend’, meaning the gadwall duck.

Indeed, two gadwalls swim here. And a little grebe.

Grey herons.

Many barn swallows, recently back from spring migration, flying low above the water. There is a barn swallow nest inside the hide, but its inhabitants do not seem to have arrived yet.

As we walk further, a flock of barn swallows sitting on dead branches of a tree.

In another tree, a willow tit.

Oostvaardersveld, lake on 6 April 2019

We continue to another lake.

A reedy area. A male stonechat on a reed stem.

And a bluethroat.

Still further, beavers prove that they live here: quite some trees gnawed through.

Coltsfoot flowers.

This 2012 video is about the Oostvaardersveld.

We arrive at the visitors’ center. A wooden sea eagle sculpture.

Then, something special: a real live sea eagle sits in a tree top.

If you walk towards the Zeearend hide, then many big carp swim near the second bridge.

Along path to Grauwe Gans hide, 6 April 2019

We continue to another footpath, leading to the Oostvaardersplassen hide near the Knardijk dike. The hide is called De Grauwe Gans.

Along footpath to Grauwe Gans hide, 6 April 2019

Flowering shrubs, 6 April 2019

Flowering blackthorn shrubs along the footpath.

Pollard willows, 6 April 2019

And pollard willows.

Trees, 6 April 2019

And other trees.

From the hide: Shelducks. Avocets.

Common horsetail growing.

See also here.


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