Botanical garden flowers and injured bird

Japanese garden, 11 April 2019

On 8 April 2019, we went to the Leiden botanical garden. Again, like in my Oostvaardersveld blog post, the photos in this blog post are made, as an experiment, with a ‘lensbaby‘: a kind of camera lens enabling to make photos in which some parts are focused while other parts are not. Like in this photo of a flowering tree in the Japanese garden within the botanical garden.

A great tit. A jay. A male blackbird.

A greenfinch sings. So does a dunnock. Ring-necked parakeets.

Yellow flowers, 8 April 2019

We saw these beautiful yellow flowers.

On a roof on the other side of the canal, a lesser black-backed gull and two herring gulls. A coot swims. A blue tit on a tree.

An Egyptian goose flies overhead. A chiffchaff calls.

Two great crested grebes swim together. They are in love. A robin sings.

Scots elm

Then, this nearly 200-year-old tree. From 1826, a Scots elm.

Grape hyacinth, 8 April 2019

Near the astronomical observatory, these grape hyacinth flowers. They are usually blue, but these ones were white.

Carrion crow, 8 April 2019

Also near the astronomical observatory, among daisies and other flowers, this carrion crow. A bit unusual bird: some white feathers in its black plumage. Also, one of its wings appeared to be broken. It could hardly fly. Fortunately, its non-disabled (male or female) partner had not left it, but was still around.

Then, to the fern garden. A peacock butterfly.

Snake's head fritillary, white

We continued to the stream. There, we saw snake’s head fritillary flowers. These white ones …

Snake's head fritillary, purple

… and these purple ones.

Pondskaters in the stream.

Stay tuned; as the next day we went to the botanical garden again!

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