Great gray shrike, wren and poetry

This is a 2007 Dutch video on the Oude Buisse Heide.

This video is the sequel.

After 23 January 2018 came 24 January. Our final full day at Oude Buisse Heide.

Early in the morning, again a nuthatch at the feeder.

Atelier, 24 January 2019

This photo shows the Oude Buisse Heide atelier building, where poetess Henriette Roland Holst wrote poems and her visual artist husband made his art.

Atelier, on 24 January 2019

This photo shows the atelier at a closer distance.

Richard Roland Holst, 24 January 2019

Inside the atelier there are these words by Henriette, commemorating her deceased husband Richard (Rik).

Henriette Roland Holst, 24 January 2019

And also these lines by Henriette Roland Holst about friendships.

Two stock doves sit on the roof of the Angora farm.

De Reten, 24 January 2019

We walk from the Oude Buisse Heide north to nature reserve De Reten; which became a nature reserve only recently.

Arriving at De Moeren woodland, we turn back.

Many roe deer footprints.

Just after passing the border between De Reten and Oude Buisse Heide, a great grey shrike sits on a treetop.

De Reten-Oude Buisse Heide border, 24 January 2019

A bit further, a wren.

This was our last Oude Buisse Heide day. We will not forget it!

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