Rare flowers at Dutch nature reserve of Henriette Roland Holst

This video is about marsh gentians in the Netherlands.

From Natuurmonumenten in The Netherlands:

On the Oude Buisse Heide [nature reserve in the southern Netherlands], forest rangers have discovered marsh gentians!

This is a result of the special nature management by Natuurmonumenten in this nature reserve in Noord-Brabant province. …

Since 1978, Natuurmonumenten records which plant species grow at Oude Buisse Heide.

In all those years, marsh gentians were never seen.

In 2002, Natuurmonumenten started with small-scale taking away of heather in various spots.

In this way, rangers removed the upper soil layer containing much dung.

The results came immediately!

The work was rewarded by the appearance of beautiful plants like spatulate-leaved sundew, white beak-sedge, brown beak-sedge, and deergrass.

After the marsh gentians, Natuurmonumenten is waiting for the first alcon blue butterflies, inextricably linked to the marsh gentians. …

Alcon blue

In The Netherlands … [marsh gentians] have much declined, and are on the red list of threatened species.

The Oude Buisse Heide is now a nature reserve thanks to Henriëtte Roland Holst (1869-1952).

A famous poetess (one of my inspirations), she was also well-known as a fighter for women’s rights, and in the Dutch and international labour and anti-war movements.

Talking about rare plants: Captain Cook’s scurvy grass in New Zealand.

Alcon blue butterflies of the Hoge Veluwe: here.


12 thoughts on “Rare flowers at Dutch nature reserve of Henriette Roland Holst

  1. SAN FRANCISCO May 25, 2005 ABC — A flower long thought to be extinct was rediscovered in a California state park more than six decades after it was last seen, scientists said Wednesday.

    The pink wildflower Eriogonum truncatum, known as the Mount Diablo buckwheat, was found in a remote section of a Contra Costa County park about 30 miles east of San Francisco.

    The plant resembles baby’s breath used in floral arrangements.

    “We’ve been calling the Mount Diablo buckwheat the holy grail for botanists (in the region),” said Barbara Ertter, curator of western North American flora at the University of California-Berkeley’s Jepson Herbarium.

    The find drew comparisons to the recent discovery of the ivory-billed woodpecker in Arkansas.


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