Dutch corporate Cold War fake news

This 2016 video from the USA is called Faux News (A Fox News Parody).

What is ‘fake news’? According to United States President Donald Trump, and to Donald Trump’s United States ambassadors, and to the European Union, it is news which they don’t like.

According to internet corporations like Google and Facebook, it is news which is pro-peace, ‘too liberal’ ‘too leftist’.

According to corporate media, it is news on small blogs and other web sites with no corporate or governmental links.

In reality, corporate media are often the purveyors of really ‘fake’ news. Eg, German daily Bildzeitung with its hoax on a supposed ‘sex mob’ of ‘criminal’ refugees. Or the ‘faux news’ of Rupert Murdoch’s Fox News, of Murdoch’s Sun daily and of other Murdoch media.

In the Netherlands, in 2014 it turned out that articles by Perdiep Ramesar in daily Trouw, sounding the alarm about supposedly dangerous Muslims, were fake.

More recently, the warmongering articles by Claas Relotius, journalist for German corporate media, turned out to be fictional.

Now, another case of Dutch corporate fake news. Peter Blasic, aka Peter Mertens, wrote hundreds of articles for right-wing media like Elsevier, HP/De Tijd and ThePostOnline. He was sacked three times for plagiarism, but then started all over again at other media.

On 23 January 2019, Dutch weekly De Groene Amsterdammer wrote an expose about Mr Blasic/Mertens.

A sample about a 2016 Blasic/Mertens article (translated):

[Blasic] reveals that Russia [supposedly] is stationing spies in the Netherlands who scour the graveyards ‘in search of reusable profiles preferably of young deceased children who have no life course that can be double checked’.

British police spies certainly stole identities of dead children. Maybe Russian spies do so as well, maybe they don’t. The fiction disguised as journalism by Mr Blasic/Mertens certainly does not prove anything.

In 2017, Blasic/Mertens did fake interviews with non-existent jihadists joining the war in Syria.

Yet more:

For a story in which Dutch people [supposedly] flee to Panama to escape Islamization and migrants, he [Blasic/Mertens] speaks with entrepreneur Frank Ewals: ‘The Netherlands has too many foreigners and since the refugee crisis Europe is even more confronted with a Muslim invasion. The whole of Europe is going to hell.’ The South Holland couple Mark and Monique share the same opinion: “We felt threatened and so we left for Central America.’ Another story adorns the Revu cover with the text: ‘Russia is recruiting in our gyms, about the Russian military intelligence service that is trying to recruit young athletes in the Netherlands through special martial arts clubs’.

Unfortunately for Mertens/Blasic, De Groene Amsterdammer found out that ‘entrepreneur and refugee to Panama Frank Ewals’ does not exist. Neither do ‘Mark and Monique’. Neither do the ‘Russian spy gyms in the Netherlands’.

Neither does ‘psychologist Simon Janssen’, supposedly interviewed by Mertens/Blasic about men suffering from domestic violence by their wives. Neither does ‘Ron Bouman’ supposedly interviewed by Mertens/Blasic about criminal gangs consisting of feminist girls.

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