Lion pride in South Africa, video

This video from South Africa says about itself:

Incredible Lion Sighting ! Lion Pride with 5 Males walking down the road in Kruger Park.

“I witnessed this incredible Lion Pride encounter when I was driving past Kumana dam on my way back to Satara camp site where I was spending 8 weeks alone camping in the park. As you can see in the clip I was completely alone and this was the first time I had witnessed anything like this and to see how big these beautiful big cats were up close was insane and a once in a lifetime moment! As you can tell by the commentary I didn’t know what to do? Start the engine and close the window or drive off? Im glad I froze and stayed and continued filming and my friends think my actions and commentary are hilarious!” – video owner, Steve Haley

This is just a short video to show how a pride of Lions strolled right past a tourist’s vehicle in South Africa’s Kruger Park. Amazing sighting and experience!


10 thoughts on “Lion pride in South Africa, video

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