Lion pride in South Africa, video

This video from South Africa says about itself:

SOUTH AFRICA — A group of four adult lions took a stroll on a South Africa roadway, causing a major traffic jam.

Turns out the street is inside the Kruger National Park in South Africa, which is known for its safaris.

Another video from South Africa used to say about itself:

Incredible Lion Sighting ! Lion Pride with 5 Males walking down the road in Kruger Park.

“I witnessed this incredible Lion Pride encounter when I was driving past Kumana dam on my way back to Satara camp site where I was spending 8 weeks alone camping in the park. As you can see in the clip I was completely alone and this was the first time I had witnessed anything like this and to see how big these beautiful big cats were up close was insane and a once in a lifetime moment! As you can tell by the commentary I didn’t know what to do? Start the engine and close the window or drive off? Im glad I froze and stayed and continued filming and my friends think my actions and commentary are hilarious!” – video owner, Steve Haley

This is just a short video to show how a pride of Lions strolled right past a tourist’s vehicle in South Africa’s Kruger Park. Amazing sighting and experience!

11 thoughts on “Lion pride in South Africa, video

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