Lion rescues warthog from other lions

This 30 October 2018 video says about itself:

Male Lion Rescues Warthog From Other Lions

This male lion’s eagerness ruined the hunt for everyone!

Cobus Visser, 54-year-old engineer, captured this incredible “rescue” while driving on the river road in Marloth Park last week.

Cobus tells the story: “I was driving right next to the fence in Marloth Park, which was overlooking the Kruger National Park. I was looking out to see if I could spot any wildlife in the Crocodile River. We knew about the pride of lions that were staying and hunting in that area for a couple of days now, so when we saw a few cars stopped and people standing next to the fence looking towards the river, we were sure it was the pride of lions. We were right!

We first saw the male and after a while, we spotted the lionesses. They, at first, seemed calm and relaxed. But, suddenly, the females got up, lined themselves up, and the hunt started. Emotions were through the roof! Visiting the park for more than twenty years, I’ve seen the aftermath of kills a couple of times, but never a hunt and then timing it well enough to capture it on camera too! That was the best luck of all.

For me and my family, it was the best scene ever after all these years visiting the Kruger Park. The sighting ended with this WOW feeling. What we saw just now, we saw a hunt, a catch and this fun moment were the catch got away because of the dominance of the male reacting too early, trying to claim perhaps what was not his. To me, this was for sure one of, if not the, best sighting I have ever experienced after all the years visiting. When you drive in on Safari, drive slowly then you will see plenty.”

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    With hope and determination,

    Risalat, Danny, Alice, Rosa, Diego, and the rest of the Avaaz team


    Lion poaching: the brutal new threat to Africa’s prides (The Guardian)

    Animal populations have declined an astonishing 60 percent since 1970 (Vox)

    Scientists call for a Paris-style agreement to save life on Earth (The Guardian)

    Life on Earth Is Under Assault—But There’s Still Hope (National Geographic)

    Sixth mass extinction: The era of ‘biological annihilation’ (CNN)

    Could we set aside half the Earth for nature? (The Guardian)


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