Trump’s Supreme Court nominee Kavanaugh sex scandal update

This 26 September 2018 video from the USA says about itself:

Kavanaugh Paints ‘Church Boy‘ Persona On Fox News

Kavanaugh, wife by his side, played the victim and repeatedly stated he was a ‘good boy’ in school during the years two women have accused him of sexual misconduct. His interview was robotic and obviously scripted as he dodged questions and repeated himself.

New Kavanaugh accuser Julie Swetnick details parties where girls allegedly were drugged and raped. Julie Swetnick, a third accuser of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh publicly identified herself Wednesday. Swetnick alleged that Kavanaugh and others in the early 1980s spiked the drinks of girls at high school parties with intoxicants to make it easier for them to be gang raped: here.

GOP SCHEDULES FRIDAY SCOTUS VOTE The Senate Judiciary Committee has scheduled a vote Friday on Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court — the day after Kavanaugh and Christine Blasey Ford will testify about her allegation he sexually assaulted her when they were teens. Republican committee leaders have hired a female sex-crimes prosecutor as outside counsel to question the accuser. [AP]

KAVANAUGH CLASSMATES: PROBE THE CLAIMS Several former classmates of Kavanaugh, who just months ago endorsed his nomination, have now called for the Yale alumnus to be investigated over allegations of sexual misconduct. [HuffPost]

ACCUSER ‘HAS CORROBORATION’ According to USA Today, attorneys for Blasey have sworn and signed declarations from four people who corroborate her claims of sexual assault. [USA Today]

FOX NEWS HOST BLAMES ASSAULT SURVIVORS Fox News host Tucker Carlson has slammed sexual assault survivors who don’t report their assailants, labeling them as “part of the problem.” [HuffPost]

Some of the reasons by abuse survivors don’t report the crimes immediately:

COSBY JAILED Bill Cosby, the disgraced comedian accused of sexually assaulting dozens of women over his decades-long career, was sentenced to three to 10 years in prison for drugging and sexually assaulting a woman in 2004. [HuffPost]

Bill Cosby’s publicist reacted to his client’s prison sentence by saying, “They persecuted Jesus and look what happened.”

8 thoughts on “Trump’s Supreme Court nominee Kavanaugh sex scandal update

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  2. Tomorrow, Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, the first woman who came forward about being sexually assaulted by Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, will go before a committee of male Republican senators who plan to publicly shame and discredit her on live national TV.1

    There’s no sugarcoating it. It’s going to be ugly.

    Linda, we need a visible way to show that an overwhelming number of people support Dr. Blasey Ford–not just for her sake or for the sake the Supreme Court, but for every survivor of sexual assault watching tomorrow. For the 1 in 3 women and 1 in 6 men in the United States who have survived sexual violence.2

    That’s why UltraViolet created this message you can apply on your Facebook profile picture–it says “I believe survivors. Stop Kavanaugh.” If we help this image take off, we can send a powerful message to survivors and everyone else: We believe survivors, and we’ve got their back.

    It’s easy, just follow these steps:

    Step 1: Log in to your Facebook account

    Step 2: Click this link to apply the “Believe Survivors” frame to your profile

    Step 3: Click the “Try it” button beneath the photo

    Step 4: Select “Use as profile picture”

    I believe survivors facebook frame

    Dr. Blasey Ford’s courage is breathtaking. She not only spoke up about surviving sexual assault in the hands of a powerful perpetrator, she is also testifying before his even more powerful supporters in the Senate–in front of the entire country, no less.
    There are now two more women–Deborah Ramirez and Julie Swetnick–who have come forward about sexual assault by Kavanaugh, thanks to Dr. Blasey Ford’s bravery.3 If it weren’t for her, Republicans would have been that much closer to confirming a sexual predator and anti-woman judge to the Supreme Court.

    Tomorrow is not going to be an easy day for either Dr. Blasey Ford or survivors of sexual violence who will be watching the hearing. Let’s show them and the rest of the country that we’ve got their backs.

    Click here to put “I believe survivors. Stop Kavanaugh.” on your Facebook profile picture now.

    Thanks for speaking out!

    — Shaunna, Kat, Karin, Holly, Kathy, Susan, Anathea, Audine, Emma, Pilar, Natalie, Melody, Pam, Lindsay, and Ryan, the UltraViolet Action team


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    2. Sexual Assault in the United States, National Sexual Violence Resource Center, accessed: September 26, 2018

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  3. Women are watching. They are paying very close attention. And Senate Republicans are going to either do the right thing right now, or there is going to be a massive backlash.

    Because here is the central question of this moment: Will Senate Republicans listen to women, or will they sweep their voices aside and rush to a vote on Judge Kavanaugh?

    Will Senate Republicans treat women sharing their experiences with respect, or will they continue attacking them, undermining them, and ignoring them?

    This is the moment to stand up for women and make sure they are listened to and heard. Forward this email to your out-of-state friends. Ask them to call their senators now at (202) 224-3121 and demand that they listen to the women coming forward to talk about their experiences with Judge Kavanaugh.

    I ran for the Senate after I watched Anita Hill came before the Senate Judiciary Committee to tell her story about Justice Clarence Thomas. I wanted to do everything I could to make sure that the next time a survivor came forward, we would avoid the mistakes that the men on that Committee made in 1991.

    Now, I’m here and I’m doing everything in my power to make sure Dr. Ford, Ms. Ramirez, Ms. Swetnick, and any other woman who bravely steps up to share her experience is treated fairly and truly heard.

    Right now, Republicans are saying they plan to “plow right through” this to confirm Judge Kavanaugh, calling these serious allegations a mere “hiccup.” They refuse to allow an FBI investigation. They’ve scheduled a committee vote just one day after Dr. Ford’s testimony. And some are saying that the full Senate could vote just days later.

    And this is happening while President Trump has been parroting the worst kinds of smears against survivors — that women cannot be believed if they were drinking or if they don’t report their assault right away.

    Women and girls are watching this– and so are men and boys. This is our chance to send a clear message that sexual assault is never acceptable — not in high school, not ever — that these actions have consequences — and that women should be listened to and heard.

    The Senate must get this right — and that means we must make our voices heard right now. Ask your out-of-state friends to call their senators at (202) 224-3121 today.

    Thank you,

    Patty Murray


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