Mexico, Sweden to next World Cup round, Korean victory, celebration with birds

This video is about black grouse in Sweden.

That video is to celebrate the progress of the Swedish national football team to the next round of the World Cup in Russia.

As Sweden won their last group match 3-0 against Mexico, here are two more Swedish bird videos, making it one for each goal.

This video is about a golden eagle eating a dead deer in winter in Sweden.

And this video is about a black woodpecker in Sweden.

As Mexico lost, but nevertheless proceeded to the next round, they deserve a Mexican bird video.

This video, recorded in Mexico, is called 2013 Birding Yucatan Peninsula.

In the other match in this group, the South Korean team beat Germany 2-0. This means that Germany, the 2014 world champions, have to go home.

Mexico benefits.

This 27 June 2018 video is called South Korea vs Germany 2-0 – All Goals & Highlights – 27/06/2018 HD World Cup – From stands.

Here are two South Korean bird videos to celebrate the two goals.

This 2017 video is called Birding in Korea with Birding Korea.

This 2007 video is called Korean Traditional Song – Bird Ballad(새타령).

On Sunday, the French team won the final of the football World Cup, held this year in Russia. It was only the second World Cup championship for France. This World Cup competition, marked by many surprise eliminations of top teams, ended with a match between two countries, France and Croatia, that were far from the favorites to win: here.

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