Belgian Brabant Killers and far-right, new information

Brabant killers, Belgian police poster

Translated from Dutch RTL TV:

May 12, 2018 06:20

New trail in investigation of the notorious Brabant Killers gang

The police team that is investigating the infamous Brabant Killers gang may have found a new trail.

Investigators have this week heard a witness who is said to have recognized the prominent gang member ‘the giant’ on a composition photo, report the Belgian newspapers Het Nieuwsblad and Het Laatste Nieuws.

According to the [ex-soldier] witness, De Reus is the 63-year-old former army officer Michel Libert. Libert [then the witness’ commanding officer; working at NATO headquarters in Evere] is said to have recruited him in 1979 [when the new witness was 17 years old] for the extreme right-wing organization Westland New Post (WNP). He took part in training camps and, at the request of the organization, burglarized an army barracks to steal material, the newspapers write. In 1981 he broke with WNP [because it used swastika signs, according to the Nieuwsblad report]. When shortly afterwards newspapers wrote about the crimes of the Brabant Killers, he recognized what he had learned in WNP.

Libert was in 1983 and in 2014 also a suspect in the investigation of the gang. …

28 dead, culprits were never caught

In the early eighties, the Brabant killers committed a series of thefts and robberies at supermarkets, killing 28 people. The perpetrators have never been caught.

Last year someone else reported that he claimed that his (now deceased) brother was the ‘giant’.

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