Birds, Buddhism and yaks in Jiagenba village, China

Jiagenba, 2 April 2018

After the Lady Amherst’s pheasants of 1 April 2018, on the next day, 2 April, we went from Kangding to Jiagenba village, depicted on this photo.

In this mountainous region in Sichuan province, common merganser in a river. Most people in this area are Tibetan Buddhists, as was visible from the many big Buddhist religious inscriptions on mountain slopes. At various places were stupas, structures containing relics of Buddhist monks or nuns.

Jiagenba is at 3400 meter high and has about 2500 human inhabitants. Conspicuous among winged inhabitants were Eurasian tree sparrows. In Europe, these are a countryside species; while house sparrows live in cities and towns. However, in China, tree sparrows are birds of cities and villages. Outside built-up areas in China lives a third sparrow species, which we will meet later on this blog.

Jiagenba, prayer flags, 2 April 2018

Buddhism was conspicuous in Jiagenba by prayer flags and prayer wheels on buildings.

Jiagenba, yaks, 2 April 2018

A small herd of yaks advanced through the village’s main street.

Carrion crows. A magpie.

Jiagenba, prayer flags, on 2 April 2018

More prayer flags yet.

We left the village. We went higher, to over 4,000 meter.

Snow line, 2 April 2018

We reached the snow line.

Stay tuned for the beautiful birds we saw in that area!

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