Over fifty people murdered in Las Vegas, USA

This video from Nevada in the USA says about itself:

50 dead, over 100 shot at Las Vegas Country Music Festival near Mandalay Bay Resort 10:08 pm

2 October 2017

Update from police: 50 dead so far. Making this the worse mass-shooting in American history.

Worst Mass Shooting in US History Leaves More Than 50 Dead, 400 Injured in Las Vegas: here.

AT LEAST 50 DEAD, OVER 200 INJURED IN SHOOTING AT LAS VEGAS COUNTRY MUSIC FESTIVAL Police identified Stephen Paddock, 64, as the lone gunman who shot at thousands of concertgoers from the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Resort during the end of Jason Aldean‘s set. Authorities killed Paddock in the hotel room. Eyewitnesses said “the shots just kept coming” as people fled the streets while bodies were dropping. [HuffPost]

I wish strength and recovery to all injured people; and strength to all families and friends of the dead and injured people.

This massacre in Nevada state is the bloodiest mass murder as an expression of ‘gun culture’ in the USA so far. Murderer Stephen Paddock owned at least ten guns. He also had a hunting licence and owned two private aircraft.

Probably, Donald Trump and the Trump supporting National Rifle Association will repeat their shopworn mantra: ‘Guns don’t kill people …’

Trump Offers Condolences To Las Vegas Shooting Victims, Doesn’t Mention Guns. Trump spoke in platitudes while reading prepared remarks from the White House: here.

And no, Rupert Murdoch empire, this bloodbath was not by a Muslim. And no, Rupert Murdoch empire, this bloodbath was not by a Black Lives Matter activist. It was not by an open or closet gay man. It was by a heterosexual affluent white male.

Musicians flocked to Twitter to offer their thoughts and condolences on the Las Vegas shooting.

THE MOM OF A MASS SHOOTING VICTIM IN TEXAS DESCRIBES HER LAST DAYS “As soon as Debbie Lane got clearance to drive after cataract surgery, she filled her pickup truck with used patio furniture and carted it to her only child in Plano, Texas. Meredith Hight, 27, was going through a divorce after six years of marriage, and her house needed a makeover.” [HuffPost]

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