Massacre in Las Vegas, USA, why?

This United States TV video says about itself:

2 October 2017

NBC NewsTom Costello has new details on what is known about Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock, including that he owned two planes, had a pilot’s license and a hunting license from Alaska.

By Patrick Martin in the USA:

The social pathology of the Las Vegas Massacre

3 October 2017

In yet another eruption of savage impersonal violence, at least 59 people were killed and 527 people wounded as an outdoor music festival on the Las Vegas Strip, attended by more than 20,000, was suddenly converted into a war zone.

The alleged gunman, Stephen Paddock, used multiple semi-automatic weapons that had been converted to fully automatic use, through an attachment known as a bump-stock device—available for a mere $40 per weapon—as he opened fire on the helpless crowd from his vantage point on the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay hotel and casino. He took his own life after the rampage.

Paddock could lay down a field of fire on a military scale, nearly 100 rounds per minute. He was found in possession of about 20 weapons, many of them high-powered semi-automatics, along with additional ammunition. The first minutes of gunfire triggered a smoke alarm that allowed police to locate Paddock far more quickly than through a search of the huge 3,300-room hotel, a fact that suggests that the toll of death and injury could have been much higher.

The gunman’s motives are unknown, and his identity sheds little light on what drove him on this murderous course. Paddock was 64 years old, shared a comfortable home with his female companion, and was, according to some reports, financially well-off. One of his brothers described Paddock as a real estate multi-millionaire. He had a pilot’s license and owned two small planes. He had no known associations with any political or religious group.

There is a family history of mental illness—Paddock’s father, Richard Hoskins Paddock, was a bank robber and diagnosed as a psychopath. He was on the FBI’s 10 Most Wanted List for nearly a decade. But Stephen Paddock had no contact with his father after he was seven years old, and there are no reports that he exhibited mental illness or received any treatment for it.

As in virtually all such shootings, the gunman knew none of the wounded and killed. They did not exist for him as individuals. Paddock saw the concert-goers packed below him in a parking lot not as fellow human beings, but as objects to be destroyed. The victims were the random targets of the uncontrolled and impersonal hatred of a gunman indifferent to their fate and the lifelong suffering that awaits their surviving family and friends.

Clearly, this was not the act of a normal person. Some form of mental illness, even if not previously diagnosed, must be involved in Paddock’s crime. But there is certainly a socially induced element in this terrible event. The frequency of these occurrences cannot be explained in purely individual and personal terms. The Las Vegas massacre is a peculiarly American crime, arising out of the social pathology of a deeply troubled society.

What is the social context of this latest episode of domestic mass killing? The United States has been at war more or less continuously for the past 27 years. The US government has treated tens of millions of people in the Middle East, Afghanistan, and Africa as targets for extermination through bombs, bullets, and drone-fired missiles. These wars have penetrated deeply into American culture, celebrated endlessly in film, television, music and even sport.

Social relations within the United States, characterized by the growth of economic inequality on a scale that exceeds any previous era in American history, fuel a culture of indifference, and even outright contempt for human life.

One telling detail: on the day that the media was filled with reports about the worst mass shooting in American history, the stock market continued its relentless march upwards, with new records for the Dow-Jones Industrial Average and other indexes. Wall Street is celebrating in anticipation of the Trump administration pushing through the biggest tax cut for corporate America and the super-rich in history.

The damage inflicted on American society by constant war and deepening social inequality has found expression in an endless series of events like the mass shooting in Las Vegas. With only 5 percent of the world’s population, the US accounts for 30 percent of the mass shootings. And the scale of such horrors is increasing: the four worst mass shootings, in terms of casualty toll, and six of the seven worst, have taken place since 2007.

Corporate media pundits and government officials are incapable of more than perfunctory expressions of shock and dismay over such atrocities, which recur with appalling frequency in the United States. Even uttering such rote statements seems to be too much to ask of President Trump, whose remarks Monday morning were both banal and palpably insincere. How can anyone take seriously a foul-mouthed misogynist and pathological liar as he begins a sentence with the words, “Scripture teaches us”?

As for his moronic statement that the killings in Las Vegas were “pure evil,” such a characterization explains nothing. It doesn’t even explain Trump himself, who gave a speech two weeks ago at the United Nations where he threatened to use nuclear weapons to incinerate the 27 million inhabitants of North Korea. Yet CNN, ever the sycophant, described his televised remarks on Las Vegas as “pitch perfect.”

Trump is to visit Las Vegas Wednesday, one day after an equally stage-managed and bogus display of compassion set for Puerto Rico. There he will view the devastation inflicted by Hurricane Maria, while pursuing his Twitter feud with local government officials who have dared to criticize the poorly executed federal response to the catastrophe.

During the 16 years since the 9/11 attacks, during which the US government has been supposedly engaged in a “war on terror”, an average of one American per year has been killed by a foreign terrorist. During the same period, at least 10,000 Americans have been killed every year by other Americans. Mass shootings like Virginia Tech, Newtown, Orlando and now Las Vegas have killed six times as many Americans as all the terrorist attacks in that period.

Further investigation into the circumstances of the Las Vegas tragedy is vital. But one conclusion can surely be drawn: what happened late Sunday night outside the Mandalay Bay hotel was a manifestation of a deep sickness in American society.

DEATH TOLL RISES TO 59, OVER 500 INJURED IN LAS VEGAS MASS SHOOTING Here’s what we know about the victims in one of the deadliest U.S. mass shootings in modern history. The suspect, Stephen Paddock, had a “cache of weapons.” Take a look at his preparation and how he was able to fire so many shots. Videos and photos show the horror of the chaotic scene, while this graphic breaks down how the terror unfolded. And while ISIS took credit, there is no evidence linking the terrorist group to the shooting. [HuffPost]

LAS VEGAS MOURNS A DAY THAT WASN’T SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN ​Hundreds gathered for candlelight vigils Monday. Las Vegas officials have created a GoFundMe for shooting victims, and many residents have donated blood. And here’s how you can help the Las Vegas shooting victims. [HuffPost]

Sean Hannity was incensed about gun control conversations in light of the Las Vegas shooting, calling them shameful.

And according to Bill O’Reilly, that’s the “price of freedom.”

Las Vegas shooting: Stephen Paddock was a wealthy gambler who owned homes in four states … At various points of his life, Stephen Paddock worked for defence contractor Lockheed Martin: here.

SUSPECT’S MOTIVE STILL UNCLEAR IN LAS VEGAS MASS SHOOTING Stephen Paddock appeared to have premeditated the massacre by setting up cameras inside and outside of his hotel room to see when authorities would be coming. As an off-duty cop said, “No amount of training prepares you for something like this.” Paddock was known to verbally abuse his girlfriend in public, and her sisters say he sent her out of the country before the shooting. New footage emerged of a “slip and fall” incident that Paddock had sued another Nevada casino for in 2011. And take a deeper look at the lives lost Sunday night. [HuffPost]


MOMENTUM GROWS IN CONGRESS FOR ‘BUMP STOCK’ BAN After some Republicans expressed interest in regulating the sale of accessories that can make an AR-15 fire at the rate of an automatic weapon. Evidence suggests the shooter planned an escape. Take a look at what his room looked like when authorities gained access. The shooter’s girlfriend suspected nothing, saying “he never said anything to me.” And this 5-year-old reunited with his family after the Las Vegas massacre with the help of strangers. [HuffPost]

In Trump’s America, white US men are a bigger domestic terror threat than Muslim foreigners: here.

More than 800 people have been shot and killed since the Las Vegas massacre.

VEGAS HOTEL SUES SHOOTING VICTIMS The owner of the Mandalay Bay Hotel in Las Vegas is suing more than 1,000 victims of the Oct. 1 massacre to pre-empt future liability claims. [HuffPost]

26 thoughts on “Massacre in Las Vegas, USA, why?

  1. Australia suffered their worst ever gun massacre in 1996, 35 people
    murdered in Port Arthur. In response, with both liberal and
    conservative support, they finally passed strict gun control, to take
    high powered military weapons off the street.

    And it worked. Yes, there have been other gun multiple murders in
    Australia since, but not many, and nothing even remotely on the same
    scale as that 1996 massacre.

    Now, America has had its own, and latest, worst ever gun massacre.

    When Sandy Hook happened, and dozens of little children were
    slaughtered, Congress did nothing.

    It was barely a year ago that nearly 50 people were mowed down in a
    nightclub in Orlando, but Congress did nothing.

    It’s time for Congress to do something. Otherwise we are just marking
    time until the next worst ever gun massacre.

    Ban Assault Weapons Now, Finally:

    And here is the same thing as one of our classic action pages:

    This is not the time for yet another moment, or day, or year after
    year, of silence. Now is exactly the time most critically to speak
    out. Enough with the inaction. This is the time for action.

    And after you speak out, please consider requesting one of our People
    With Guns Kill More People That People Without Guns bumper stickers.

    People With Guns bumper stickers:

    What will the NRA say about this one, the usual knee jerk “if only a
    good guy with a gun had been there?”

    Here someone on the 32nd story of a high rise was shooting down on a
    crowd that was fenced in and were helpless to escape. Even if every
    one of those 22,000 people had been packing heat they still would
    have been sitting ducks. What would they have done, shot out all the
    windows of the Mandalay Bay hotel, assuming they could even shoot
    back that far, generating mass carnage there as well? Nobody was even
    sure where the bullets were coming from.

    It is being reported that the shooter had no “record” of mental

    He had 23 high powered guns, sniper rifles, etc., on him. Anyone who
    thinks they ever need to pack such firepower is by DEFINITION
    mentally ill. The sheer act of buying so many guns of any kind is
    itself pathologically sick.

    Who the hell needs 23 fire arms and thousands of rounds of
    ammunition, except to be a militia of one, the exact opposite of what
    the constitution was talking about, a local guard to protect the
    community, at a time when the national army could not?

    In particular, assault weapons have no justifiable self-defense
    purpose. None. Zero. Neither do they have any justifiable sporting
    purpose, unless you like your pheasant in bloody shreds.

    We defy anyone in the radical gun nut camp to point to a SINGLE
    instance where an assault weapon has ever been effectively used by a
    civilian for self defense. They keep nobody safe. They are nothing
    but a mortal danger to us all.

    Some said today there were no signs. The lunatic in this case bought
    dozens of assault rifles. Was that not a big enough sign??

    And after the latest murderous gun nut had killed as many people as
    he could, he killed himself before the police could even get to him.
    In the end he was not “taken out” by a “good guy with a gun,” itself
    just feeding another murder loving fantasy. The only thing that saved
    any of the people who survived, assuming it was not finally running
    out of most of his bullets, was the bad guy with a gun murdering
    himself as well. He was dead long before the police even blew his
    hotel door off its hinges.

    So please submit the action page.

    Dedicate your life to removing from office any member of Congress who
    will not defend your real safety, safety which is not founded in
    trying to out firepower the sickest, unrestricted, unregulated,
    unregistered gun hoarding fanatic out there.

    Every time this happens, they tell us don’t make it political. The
    only people making it political are the people saying don’t make it

    And if you can make a valiant contribution to help advocate and
    mobilize for real progressive policy change you can use this page,
    and you can even make it recurrent by checking the box for that.


  2. Wednesday 4th October 2017

    posted by Morning Star in Features

    We can always count on capitalism to take the best advantage of everything, even mass murders, writes JOHN WOJCIK

    AS USUAL after a horrific mass shooting in the United States, shares of gun stocks rose yesterday after at least 59 people in Las Vegas joined the ever-growing list of casualties of mass shootings, this time the deadliest in US history.

    The value of Sturm, Ruger and Co stock, according to CNBC, briefly rose more than 4.5 per cent while American Outdoor Brands Corporation — formerly Smith & Wesson — rose more than 3 per cent.

    Stephen Paddock, age 64, of Mesquite, Nevada, opened fire late on Sunday night from the 32nd floor of his hotel room into a crowd at a concert on the Las Vegas strip, killing 59 and injuring 527 at the time of writing.

    Police report that Paddock is dead. According to the US television network NBC and other news outlets, he was not a “terrorist.” Apparently what constitutes terrorism these days is, at best, unclear.

    He had no “connection,” the television news networks say, to any known terrorist groups.

    However, thus far the networks have not explored what connections he had that he used to purchase his weapons.

    They likely come from US corporations doing a brisk business on Monday after Paddock made such effective use of their products.

    The business news channel CNBC said the value of the gun stocks apparently went up because Wall Street traders bet on a pickup in arms sales ahead of potentially tighter regulations as a result of this shooting.

    They may also be betting, CNBC said, that sales will increase as people fearing for their safety will run out and buy more guns.

    Whatever the reason though, the gun companies are happy now that they can enjoy another spike in their sales.

    After the Orlando and San Bernardino shootings, “you saw a two- to three-month surge in firearms sales,” Rommel Dionisio, managing director at Aegis Capital, told CNBC.

    The two Isis-linked attacks “certainly triggered something in the US consciousness about personal safety.”

    Sunday’s attack has not been linked to Isis at all but the gun companies have no problem, apparently, with enjoying the increased sales anyway.

    Gun stocks clearly go up in value after any mass shooting. There’s nothing like putting profits before human lives to make a certain buck.

    Leave it to the gun companies. Leave it to capitalism. We can always count on them to take best advantage of any given situation.

    The two gun stocks have fallen sharply since US President Donald Trump’s election win last November.

    Gun sales had climbed ahead of the election on expectations a Democratic win would increase restrictions on purchases. After Trump’s win, sales of the weapons dropped and so did the stocks.

    The stocks surged in mid-September after Reuters reported, citing senior US officials, that the Trump administration is working to make it easier for US gun makers to sell small arms to foreigners.

    As of Friday’s close, American Outdoor Brands was down nearly 28 per cent for the year. Sturm Ruger shares were nearly 2 percent lower for the year.


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