Hurricane Irma destruction in Caribbean

This video from the Caribbean is called Hurricane Irma strikes Saint Martin [island] 6 September 2017.

It is reported that on the French part of the island the four most sturdy buildings were destroyed.

Also in the Dutch part of St Martin many cars and boats destroyed.

Irma may continue to Puerto Rico, Cuba, the Bahamas and Florida.

HURRICANE IRMA MAKES LANDFALL IN BARBUDA Here’s what you need to know about the Category 5 storm that the National Hurricane Center called “potentially catastrophic.” And these stunning videos from space show Irma’s true strength. [HuffPost]

HURRICANE IRMA BARRELS THROUGH THE CARIBBEAN The storm has killed at least 9 people and left “total carnage” on the two-island nation of Antigua and Barbuda. And take a look what’s in the storm’s path and how South Florida is preparing. [Reuters]

A look at how Puerto Rico’s debt could hamper hurricane recovery efforts.

Tropical Storm Jose is also strengthening and could become a hurricane by Wednesday night, while Tropical Storm Katia formed in the Gulf of Mexico off Mexico’s coast.

Rush Limbaugh, hurricane truther.


Civil engineers’ reports on US flood preparedness: Lessons of Katrina and Sandy ignored: here.

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