15 thoughts on “Hurricane Irma destruction

  1. The People’s Email Network, PO Box 35022, L.A., CA 90035

    One poor guy got hit with a piece of flying debris, and after an
    interminable pause consumed by pained wincing, said, “Wow, that
    really hurt.” Is this what Walter Cronkite had to do to get started?

    In the meantime, we’ve got a pool going, and the prize is a
    beachfront condo that goes to the LAST person who emails us talking
    about how global warming and climate change is just a fake news hoax.
    And all they have to do to keep it is ride out the next hurricane
    that hits, otherwise they lose it. Actually they lose it either way.
    Just kidding about that, but the climate change is all too real.

    Whether you believe in God as a human-like personality, or whether at
    the other extreme you have believe in the inevitability of the laws
    of physics at the macroscopic level, there is something serious going
    on here. Can we agree on that, or does someone want to take a shot at
    the swanky underwater condo?

    Is it a coincidence that shortly after Trump yanks our country out of
    the Paris climate accord, and cranks up every fossil fuel project he
    can get his hands on, we see three category 4-5 hurricanes in a ROW?

    Wrath of God? Is somebody sending Trump, and the rest of us, a
    message here? God did not burn all that coal and oil. WE did. Repent
    while you can.

    Jerry Falwell blamed the 9/11 attacks on sinful liberals. Just these
    last two storms have done more property damage than a dozen 9/11
    attacks. We happen to think that the real sinners are the industrial
    polluters, and a lifestyle built on pumping green house gasses into
    the atmosphere.

    THAT is something that can be measured precisely and scientifically.
    Levels of carbon dioxide are escalating, accelerating, with no end in
    sight. The TREND is inescapable and not debatable.

    There is a lot of anguish in Texas and Florida right now. We are
    lucky, if such a thing can be said, that the devastation was not even
    more cataclysmic. Had Irma not brushed up against the mountains of
    Cuba, Miami could have been like what happened to the Virgin Island,
    Barbuda, etc., COMPLETELY wiped out.

    It could have been even worse. Next time it will be, and the next
    time after that. Until the anguish of people who have lost everything
    is channeled into real climate policy change, and not just blind
    short tempered anger, it will be rinse, so to speak, and repeat.

    In short, we are playing Russian roulette with hurricanes, our
    agriculture that depends on the stability of weather patterns, all of
    our human coastal infrastructure which which are tied to sea levels,
    and everything else affected by the mean global temperature. We can’t
    predict WHICH chamber contains the next climate aberration bullet,
    but we can say with certainty that we cannot survive at the current

    Get your Stop Global Warming bumper stickers:


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