9 thoughts on “Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, Jose, Katia

  1. From the USA:

    The People’s Email Network, PO Box 35022, L.A., CA 90035

    Hurricane Harvey, worst storm in US history Trump told us. Not for
    long, at the rate climate change is going. In fact, here comes Irma,
    with record setting winds right on its wet heels, and headed straight
    for Florida.

    Trump refuses to even appoint a White House science advisor. Oh, but
    he did appoint a climate change denying political loud mouth, Sam
    Clovis, one of the most unqualified pieces of pork in the barrel, to
    be the USDA science advisor.

    We’ve heard a lot of talk about “unprecedented” lately. But what’s
    most unprecedented is the medieval ignorance of science, to still be
    babbling about climate change being some kind of liberal hoax. It’s
    like something out of the dark ages, except it’s the wet ages.

    Oh, but wait, it’s also the dry ages too, with unprecedented, there’s
    that word again, forest fires raging at the same time in Montana and
    Washington state.

    Yes, friends, unfortunately climate change is happening . . . fast.
    It is here with a vengeance. And these are just the first baby steps
    of the climate change monster that must be slain NOW.

    Get your Stop Global Warming bumper stickers:

    The people who knew what they were talking about, the real climate
    scientists, not the handful of corrupt shills on Petroleum Institute
    PR payrolls, have been warning us for decades, in more and more
    apocalyptic terms, that extreme weather catastrophes would get worse
    and worse, specifically caused by greenhouse gas driven global

    People need to crumple up their tin foil hats and stop talking about
    sun spots and natural cycles and chemtrails and HAARP and all other
    frivolous paranoid nonsense, and get real about the actual
    controlling forces in this planet scale dynamic.

    This is the end of hockey stick. An inconvenient truth is now the
    inconvenient reality. Decades of ignorance and putting off real
    corrective action may have already pushed us past the cataclysmic
    climate change tipping point.

    All we know is that drastic action is now required if there is any
    hope of preserving human civilization on this earth long term.
    Because this is just the beginning of Armageddon, the real thing,
    unless we act decisively now.

    Otherwise, it won’t be make America great again, it will be put
    another state under water again . . . and again. And another state on
    fire again on the other side of the country.

    You may forward this message to any friends who would find it


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