6-year-old dying boy raises million for sick children

This 22 December 2016 music video is by Dutch singer Miss Montreal (pseudonym of Roos-Anne Hans).

She wrote this song ‘Tijn, deze is voor jou’ for and about a six-year-old boy called Tijn.

Tijn has terminal cancer and will probably die soon.

His last wish is to raise money for the Red Cross to help children suffering from pneumonia.

Doctors can’t cure Tijn’s cancer, but they can save pneumonia children’s lives for only four euros a child.

Tijn with red fingernails, ANP photo

This photo shows Tijn with red fingernails. He asked participants in the fundraising to also apply nail varnish to their fingers as a symbol.

Tijn expected to raise maybe 100 euros, saving 25 children.

However, today the amount has surpassed a million euros.

Tijn’s parents are grateful to Miss Montreal for the song, which will remind them of their son after he will die.

I was angry when the Hillary Clinton United States presidential campaign reproached the media with supposedly paying too much attention to Ms Clinton’s pneumonia, as pneumonia was supposedly not a big deal. I myself had pneumonia as a child. Meaning I had to stay in bed for six weeks and could not go to primary school. And poor children may die from it.

So, Tijn by now has saved 250,000 children’s lives.

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