Hillary Clinton ill, make Bernie Sanders presidential candidate

This 11 September 2016 video from the USA is Hillary Clinton Pneumonia Diagnosis Revealed.

Today, the United States correspondent of Dutch NOS TV reports that Hillary Clinton, presidential candidate of the Democratic party, has been diagnosed to have pneumonia.

This means that, medically speaking, Ms Clinton should stop campaigning for at least a month. ‘Unthinkable’ for a presidential candidate.

I remember when I was a child and had a relatively mild form of pneumonia. I had to stay in bed, away from primary school, for a month.

When the Soviet Union still existed, NATO countries’ media used to mock Soviet politicians and Soviet media about lack of transparency on Soviet politicians’ health problems.

Now, it seems that the Democratic party establishment and much of the United States media has been less than transparent about Ms Clinton’s health.

The NOS report quotes US NBC reporter David Shuster, who says that the Democratic party will soon have an emergency meeting about replacing Ms Clinton as their candidate. If there would be a replacement, then there would have to be an emergency party convention.

The NOS report names two possible substitute candidates for Ms Clinton. Senator Tim Kain, appointed by Ms Clinton as her candidate for Vice President. And Bernie Sanders.

What is the difference between these two? Kain is on the right wing, Sanders on the left wing of the party. Millions of voters voted in primaries and caucuses for Bernie Sanders. Bernie Sanders won primaries and caucuses in twenty states. Zero voters in zero states voted for Tim Kain.

Tim Kain has much less name recognition than either Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders or Donald Trump.

Making Senator Kain the Democratic candidate might well hand the election to a Donald Trump presidency, with its racism, sexism, waterboarding torture, and more misery.

Polls have proved that Sanders would do better as the anti-Trump candidate than Hillary Clinton. He would certainly do a lot better than Tim Kain. No voters then, who might like to stop Trump, asking themselves Tim who? Or anti-Trump voters who do know Kain’s policies and not liking them and being reluctant to vote for Kain.

So, dear Democratic party establishment, it is clear whom you should nominate as presidential candidate, if you want to win the November elections.

CLINTON CANCELS EVENTS IN CALIFORNIA Hillary Clinton has canceled her campaign trip to California after a pneumonia diagnosis. The democratic nominee for president left the New York City 9/11 anniversary event Sunday early and appeared to buckle at the knees on the way to the car. [Reuters]

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