New mosquito species discovery in the Netherlands

Culiseta bergrothi

From Nature Today, 14 November 2016 (translated):

During a European study on diversity and dynamics of mosquitoes, a mosquito species new for the Netherlands was found. The discovery of the mosquito Culiseta bergrothi brings the total number of mosquito species known in the Netherlands to 40. Whether the new species is actually established in the Netherlands should be examined further.

From July 2014 to July 2015 monthly mosquitoes were caught near Wageningen for a European study. The aim of the study was the identification of insect diversity on farms, wetlands and urban fringe in three European countries (Sweden, the Netherlands and Italy). In total, in the Netherlands were caught 14 types of mosquito species, amongst whom Culex pipiens and Culiseta annulata were the most common.

Unknown species

In June 2015 on the organic farm Veld en Beek in Doorwerth were found some mosquitoes that did not look immediately like a well-known species. After identification and verification in collaboration with the Centre for Monitoring of vectors (CMV) of the NVWA, they turned out to be a new mosquito species for the Netherlands: Culiseta bergrothi (Edwards, 1921). In the same study, this species was also found on farms in Sweden. It is a relatively unknown species which has been found so far mainly in northern parts of Japan, Russia and Europe such as Norway and Sweden. The catch in the Netherlands is remarkable, as with increasing temperatures more southern species are expected.

As far as is known, Culiseta bergrothi does not transmit diseases.

Mosquito flight is unlike that of any other insect: here.


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