Baltic sea birds, bye bye, 8 October 2016

This video shows a female goosander at the German Baltic Sea coast.

After 7 October 2016 came 8 October 2016. The day we said goodbye to the birds of the German Baltic Sea.

In the morning, a black-headed gull flying across Greifswald harbour. A black redstart sings.

The train from Greifswald railway station departed at 11:11.

At 11:30, at Züssow station, a jackdaw flies past.

12:10: about thirty cranes on a field.

Five minutes later, roe deer.

Half an hour later, a red kite.

At 14:40 we pass the Elbe river, east of Stendal.

Again, the traveling did not go as planned. Not, as in the journey to Geifswald, because an engine had broken down. Also not, as during the sailing, because of storm. This time, because there was trouble on the railroad track and the train had to do a detour at Herford.

However, as you can see, I did arrive back.

The journey to the birds of East Germany was finished. But not posting blogs about birds at this blog.

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