Baltic sea eagles, cranes and storm

This 2014 video is about sailing on the Rügischer Bodden bay in the German Baltic sea.

On Monday 3 October 2016, after yesterday, our ship was supposed to sail from Wieck to Baabe town on Rügen island, across the Rügischer Bodden bay.

Grey seals live there. So do harbour porpoises.

And various duck species.

There is a ‘ghost net‘ problem in this part of the Baltic. There is a project to get these ghost nets out of the sea.

However, storm warnings prevented us from going north. Instead, we went first, before the storm started, east on the sea; then south, on the quieter waters of the Peene river.

At 7:45, we departed from Wieck harbour, saying goodbye to a black-headed gull on a mooring dolphin.

Baltic sea

About thirty mute swans swimming in the sea.

A greater black-backed gull swims. A great cormorant flies.

A two-years-old sea eagle flies. Then, an adult of that species. Sea eagles (or white-tailed eagles), the biggest birds of central Europe, nest here. But many of the eagles here now are on autumn migration from the north-east to the south-west. Like the smallest birds of Europe, goldcrests; and many other species.

Cormorants on artificial island

We pass an artificial island where scores of great cormorants rest.

Sea eagle flies, 3 October 2016

Then, a sea eagle flies to the island. The cormorants leave. Only a hooded crow stays.

Sea eagle sits, 3 October 2016

After the eagle had landed on the island, some of the cormorants came back.

Along the Peenestrom, three sea eagles sit on a tree. A herring gull swims.

We pass Grosser Wotig island, a nature reserve.

Sea eagles

Two eagles on the bank. Many ducks and grey lag geese behind them. And a common gull. Teal. We hear a bearded reedling sound from the reed bed.

Sea eagle flying, 3 October 2016

Another white-tailed eagle flying.

At 11:55, over 100 northern lapwings fly past. And two red kites.

12:30: we arrive at the bridge in Wolgast town.

Great black-backed gulls

On the mooring dolphins, great black-backed gulls rest.

This video shows two great black-backed gulls in Wolgast along the Peenestrom river.

I see something less attractive as well. On the shipyard of Wolgast, the Peenewerft, a ship is built. The letters on the ship, in English and Arabic, say its name: Jeddah. And: Saudi border guard. A part of the armed forces of the Saudi absolute monarchy. So, some German millionaire is profiting from the bloody war of that absolute monarchy on the people of Yemen.

Black-headed gulls on poles, 3 October 2016

We pass common gulls and black-headed gulls sitting on poles. A herring gull swims in front of them.

A comma butterfly passes the ship.

15:50: two Caspian terns pass.

16:00: fifteen cranes pass.

Peene river

We are almost at our destination, the harbour of Kamp village.

Early in the evening, we walk inland from Kamp, to see thousands of geese and cranes arrive to sleep in the wetlands.

There will be more on these birds in later blog posts; so, stay tuned!

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