Dunlin and short-eared owl in Germany

Dunlin, 7 October 2016

Still 7 October 2016. After the journey by ship across the Baltic sea, with its goldcrests, had ended, we went to Freesendorfer Wiesen nature reserve. Where this dunlin on autumn migration was. With a few black spots left from its summer plumage black belly.

Near the entrance, a sea eagle sits on a pole.

About thirty barnacle geese. Hundreds of wigeon.

Two little gulls. A northern lapwing.

Dunlin, 7 October 2016

A small dunlin flock along the shore. Sometimes, cleaning their feathers.

Four cranes flying.

Then, a short-eared owl flying.

A northern wheatear on a wire.

A parasol mushroom.

7 thoughts on “Dunlin and short-eared owl in Germany

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