Journey to the Baltic sea

This video says about itself:

Bird lovers take to Baltic Coast

5 October 2015

Ornithologists and bird lovers were out in force on the Baltic coast over the weekend as birds began their annual migration.

On 1 October 2016, our train departed to Greifswald town in Germany.

We went there to see birds, now that birds cross the Baltic sea in their autumn migration. Greifswald is not so far from the coast of Poland, where the video was made.

Early in the morning: starlings at the railway station.

Then, something not so welcome: the engine of ‘our’ train had broken down. We had to hurry to another platform to catch the train to another town to change to yet another train to Germany.

After we had passed Osnabrück, at 10:25 a great egret flying.

15:45: scores of cranes on a field.

Five minutes later, a buzzard.

About 16:30, we arrived at Greifswald railway station.

In the Pommersches Landesmuseum, we found out something about the geology, paleontology and history of this region. That will come in a separate blog post.

Greifswald, 1 October 2016

Two black redstarts on roofs in the city center.

Greifswald on 1 October-2016

Both these pictures are cellphone photos.

In the harbour, we went aboard the ship.

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