Ostriches mating video

This video from South Africa says about itself:

10 November 2016

This is certainly a fascinating video to watch! Most people have probably never seen the show a male ostrich puts on to woo his girl…

Caught on film by Law Firm Secretary, Rina Van Heerden (55) during a visit to Mabalingwe.

“After all the years of visiting Mabalingwe and other reserves this was definitely a first.

We were on an early morning game drive and stopped to watch some animals. Out of the blue a male ostrich came out from behind our vehicle and started this really interesting mating dance. We were all super excited to be witnessing this. The game ranger told us that this is not something one sees easily.

After his performance the male just got up and left.

Is still fascinating to me every time I see the video. Certainly something worth remembering”.

Archaeologists and scientists are using cutting edge technology to crack a conundrum surrounding the ancient trade in ostrich eggs: here.

11 thoughts on “Ostriches mating video

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